The comparison between David de Gea and BlackBerry is used to illustrate the point that both have become obsolete. While BlackBerry recognized this and stopped producing their own phones in 2016, Manchester United has yet to discontinue De Gea and is even looking to extend his contract. Recent performances have highlighted De Gea’s weaknesses, and the team seems to lack confidence in their goalkeeper. In a team, each player is only as good as what’s behind them, and having a flawed goalkeeper can be detrimental to the team’s success. Manchester United should have moved on from De Gea years ago, but they persisted, perhaps fooled by his strong showing in the 2021/22 season. This mistake may end up delaying the team’s return to the Champions League.

In June 2011, Manchester United signed 20-year-old David de Gea from Atletico Madrid; three months later, BlackBerry user numbers peaked at 85 million worldwide.

A BlackBerry in a sea of iPhones

The article argues that over the course of David de Gea’s 12 years at Manchester United, the game has advanced at a pace he has been unable to keep up with, rendering him a bumbling BlackBerry in a sea of increasingly intelligent iPhones. Although De Gea has kept a Premier League-high 15 clean sheets this season, that statistic alone does not reflect his overall goalkeeping ability. His frequent high-profile howlers and ineptitude in possession put his teammates in high-pressure situations and have become detrimental to the team’s success. It’s time for Manchester United to accept this and take decisive action to address the situation.

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