Pep Guardiola was visibly upset when Erling Haaland was roughed up by an Everton defender during Man City’s 3-0 win.

Despite Haaland scoring his 36th Premier League goal and 52nd for Man City in all competitions, the Norwegian striker had to be substituted due to scratches and bruises inflicted by Yerry Mina.

Haaland revealed his body covered in marks after the game, prompting Guardiola to have a word with Mina, who he felt played too cleverly. The Man City captain, Ilkay Gundogan, also spoke out about Mina’s tactics, describing how he would scratch or poke opponents in areas not visible to the referee. While happy with the result, Guardiola was disappointed that Haaland had to be withdrawn due to unnecessary roughness.

By Lylla

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