• When Ronaldo was playing for Sporting Lisbon’s Under-18 team, the coach let him and Albert Fantrau play to see who would score more goals and would decide on that player. In the match, very quickly everyone scored a goal but when Albert Fantrau had the opportunity to score his second goal, he passed Ronaldo to score. And in the end, Ronaldo was the chosen one. When asked why he did that, Albert said, “It’s simply because he’s better than me. Ronaldo is a talented person, I give him the opportunity because I know for sure he will succeed in the future” and Albert was right. To this day, their friendship is still very famous in the football world. Although Albert does not work, he is still very rich. When the reporter asked why he can own houses, cars,… even though he doesn’t work, he replied “It’s all thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo”.
  • Once during Real Madrid’s training session, Rafael van der Vaart saw Ronaldo practicing free kicks and Ronaldo took about 20 shots but none came in. So Van der Vaart went to shoot one and scored, he turned to Ronaldo and said, “You have to do it like this”. In the next game, Real were awarded a free kick and as usual Van der Vaart asked to take it because he had done it well in training sessions but Ronaldo refused. Then Ronaldo shot a beautiful ball into the corner of the A, he smiled at Van derVaart and said, “That’s the way I should do it”.
  • Ronaldo had heart surgery at the age of 15 or else he would not be able to play in high-paced games like in the Premier League with an erratic heartbeat.
  • Ronaldo is famous for his crazy and relentless training, regardless of age, he seems to be obsessed with training. But besides that, Ronaldo also has many other interests. He’s really into Poker and his skills aren’t bad at all. He used to play against the best players on the planet.
  • Ronaldo’s father named him after his idol, Ronald Reagan – a former US president.
  • I’m sure you guys still remember this goal. Maybe if you rewatch it every now and then you’ll still get goosebumps and wonder if there’s anything this guy can’t do. “It took about 25 seconds of being shocked at what had happened, then I came to my senses and thought how Ronaldo did it. It was a really great goal. Then I asked him “How old are you, Cristiano?” and Ronaldo replied “Oh..Not bad for a guy who is 33 right?” – Gianluigi Buffon.
  • There was a time when Ronaldo was fined and had to take out the trash. Now he is a football academy player of Sporting Lisbon, his teammates teased him and started laughing. Ronaldo got angry and shouted “One day I will become the best player in the world and buy a bunchof Ferraris”.
  • Ronaldo once auctioned the European Golden Shoe that he worked so hard in 2011 to get. All the money he used to raise money to build schools for children in Gaza – one of the places at the center of intense political conflict in the world. In addition, he also sold one of his Golden Balls and supported the Make-A-Wish organization. That’s not all he did.
  • “Dad…Is it true that you used to live in this place?” That was the question of Cristiano Ronaldo Jr (Ronaldo’s son) when his father showed him the place associated with his father’s childhood. Ronaldo’s childhood was very difficult, he often hung around the McDonald’s near his house and hoped that someone will give him something to indulge in.
  • “I can’t play with this guy, he never crosses the ball” – Ruud van Nistelrooy said of Ronaldo at that time with a rather cumbersome play style, likes to show technique. Once Ruud van Nistelrooy said insulting words to Ronaldo’s late father made him cry.
  • “When I went to Cristiano’s house, I saw about 10 people in the living room. I asked him “Who is that, why are there so many?”, Ronaldo replied “They are my chefs, my trainers, my doctors and my personal trainers” – Rio Ferdinand.
  • In 2014, Ronaldo helped his brother get out of the way ofdrinking and smoking. He promised his brother that he would win the Champions League if he would give up those bad habits. And then the result we all know, Real’s emotional comeback stemmed from Sergio Ramos‘ classic header to beat neighbor Atletico Madrid.
  • Because of the difficult family situation, Ronaldo’s mother wanted to abort Ronaldo. Part of the reason came from the fact that his father was an alcoholic and at this time the family was quite large. But after going to the hospital, the doctor advised her not to have an abortion. Not accepting the advice, she started drinking beer and kept running in a frenzy. But luckily, what she wanted at that time did not happen, Ronaldo was born, moreover he was a healthy baby.
  • “There was a time when Ronaldo and Rio Ferdinand went solo and Ronaldo lost as a result. At that time, Ronaldo was very sad. But then he asked someone to order him a ping-pong table. After two weeks of training at home, Ronaldo came back and beat Rio in front of everyone. That’s what Cristiano is” – Patrice Evra.
  • When he was at MU, there was a time when Ronaldo stood in front of the mirror, stroked his hair and smugly said, “Oh so handsome thanks” then his teammates teased him “If so, he wouldn’t play football better than Messi, where”. Ronaldo just shrugged and then smiled “Yeah. Messi is not as beautiful as this.”
  • Since childhood, Ronaldo was not interested in studying. He never does his homework and is only interested in football. Ricardo (Ronaldo’s coach when he was playing for Andorinha FC) recalls: “Ronaldo has a stronger desire to win than anyone and when he loses he will cry, cry a lot so we call him the Wet Jacket” – Ricardo Santos.
  • Ronaldo once threw a chair at a teacher he thought offended him. Then Ronaldo was expelled from the school. He never regretted his actions and tried to practice, eat and sleep with football to prove his teacher wrong. Many people said that the teacher made fun of Ronaldo’s Madeira accent.
  • Ronaldo once pretended to be a homeless person on the streets of Madrid. Although he performed skillful techniques, almost no one cared because of his appearance. This video must be too famous for those who are fans of Ronaldo in particular and football fans in general.
  • A few years ago, Ronaldo was fiercely criticized for showing disrespect to Buddhists. He posted on his personalpage a picture of his feet on a part of the Buddha statue and his act of putting his hands in his pockets plus his rather “goofy” eyes created a wave of fierce controversy.
  • In 2005, Cristiano Ronaldo’s father died of alcoholism. “When my father was in the hospital in London, Sir Alex Ferguson called me and I told him I was not feeling well. Then Sir Alex replied immediately: ‘Cristiano, you can take a day off, two days or a week as you like. Everyone will miss him because he is very important to the club but his father is more important'” – Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • In 2003, Arsenal, Liverpool and even Barcelona were interested in Ronaldo – now a potential winger. But a pre-season friendly between Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United made Sir Alex determined to sign him. Finally, Ronaldo joined MU and the rest is history. “We have to get his autograph, we have to have him” Phil Neville told Sir Alex after the game.
  • The fact that Ronaldo does not tattoo to donate blood is too famous. Recently, he also participated in bone marrow donation.
  • Ronaldo has a museum in his hometown of Madeira managed by his brother. In it is a huge collection of CR7 titles. He even left a few rooms open for future titles.

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