Erling Haaland, a top striker for Man City, has formally agreed to a lucrative contract that will earn him mιllιons of euros per season.

Erling Haaland joined Man City at the start of the season and quickly rose to the position of second-highest-paid striker in the Premier League.

The Norwegian striker, who is second in the competition overall behind Kevin De Bruyne (21 million pounds/year), is reportedly collecting roughly 20 million pounds/year in unpaid pay, according to L’Equipe.

The player might make twice that amount in the future, though, if he or she signs a sponsorship agreement with the athletic clothing company Nike.

As a result, the competition between Nike, Adidas, and Puma is no longer a гumoг; the American fashion “giant” has declared the signing of a sponsorship agreement with Erling Haaland.

It is well known that the two parties’ business partnership began when Haaland was 14 years old and ended in January 2022. According to The Athletic, Haaland will be able to make an additional £20 million per year thanks to this new contract with Nike, which is on par with Man City’s wage.

As a result, the Norwegian striker is now a part of the exclusive group of athletes who represent Nike as brand ambassadors, including Kylian Mbappe, Kevin De Bruyne, and even Cristiano Ronaldo.

As a result, fans will soon be able to witness Haaland supporting Mbappe in the company’s advertising materials.

In 37 games this season for Manchester City, Haaland has scored 42 goals. Includes a league-best 28 goals in the Premier League. He also set a record for the youngest player to ever score 30 goals in the Champions League.

Man City will be anticipating a vital English Premier League match against Liverpool on Saturday, April 1, after returning from an international break.

Haaland is still working to get well after suffering an injury when focusing with Norway previously, so Pep Guardiola’s team is at a standstill.

Understanding the Haaland ƅооm

Erling Haaland is developing into a true cаnnon for Man City’s offense.

Haaland’s success can be attributed, in part, to his ability to score goals as quickly as electricity and to always show there at the perfect place and time with versatile movement skills.

Haaland is a source of encouragement for Man City’s offense this year.

That is amply supported by compelling statistics.

More specifically, through 37 games across all competitions, the Norwegian forward has netted 42 goals for the Etihad Stadium squad.

With 28 goals after 27 rounds, Haaland is also now leading the list of Premier League’s best scorers for the 2022–23 season.

One thing is clear to see: Haaland always hits the final touch at the perfect moment and place.

One excellent example is the eight goals Haaland has scored in the last two games against RB Leipzig and Burnley, of which five were the result of his just being in the right place at the right time to score goals at close range.

It’s important to note that the 22-year-old striker has exploited his better mobility and ability to take scoring opportunities throughout this season.

Haaland seems to be able to predict where the ball will land extremely rapidly in order to use it as effectively as possible to score a goal.

Many of the opposing players could only shout in agreement that Haaland is “not human” after seeing him move as the ball was in flight.

A heated discussion has also been sparked by the way Haaland entered the penalty area, always emerging at just the right moment and in precisely the correct location to hit the goalkeeper of the opposition.

Some even remarked that Haaland’s explosive outburst was caused by his timing in appearing to start firing.

Even coach Pep Guardiola himself discussed this issue: “It’s a natural instinct. It is very difficult to teach players the skills of movement and the ability to seize the opportunity to score.” Meanwhile, Gary Lineker and Alan Shearer, the Premier League’s all-time leading scorer, also made headlines when it came to Haaland’s timing of a hit-and-miss shooting.

According to Shearer, Haaland’s appearance in situations where he scored was not due to luck. “Haaland is in that position for a reason, because he has a very good sense of space. Predicting where the ball will fall will help him be more proactive in handling the ball. It can’t be luck or coincidence, it’s Haaland’s forte and skill, “said former Newcastle star Shearer. And Lineker, when asked if Haaland was taught this skill, replied: “I think it’s really common sense. Some players do it spontaneously, others do it with thought. think”.

Two of Haaland’s first coaches in Norway had different views. Espen Undheim, who coached Haaland as a teenager, said: “For me, I think it’s natural. We don’t teach 8- to 10-year-old boys to run here and there, so I guess that’s it. It’s only natural that Haaland is in the right position where he can score. Ready to handle it.”

But Alf-Ingve Berntsen, who oversees youth training at Bryne Club where Haaland used to train, believes it’s a combination of Haaland’s genetics and relentless practice in training sessions and matches. normal figҺt. “Haaland’s skill, speed and strength is not from practice but from his parents, genetics and also because he knows a lot about football and watches a lot on TV. But of course in some areas Haaland is quicker than others in seeing situations, determining where the ball is coming from, but I don’t think he’s born with that ability. I think it’s because Haaland grew up in an environment where he was trained in these situations over and over again. Some learn much faster from these situations and Erling is one of those thinkers. think so fast.”

Haaland’s ability to participate in the crucial match against Liverpool is momentarily limited by a groin ailment. Haaland’s replacement on Man City’s attack, Julian Alvarez, is probably going to be teacher Pep in the absence of Haaland.

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