Besides the main characters Tammy and Amy Slaton, TLC’s 1000 Lb Sisters also features Chris Combs. He is the half-brother of the Slaton sisters and an integral part of the show. The fan-favorite star Chris shares an incredible bond with his wife, Brittany, whom he married in October 2016. The couple has since cherished each other’s company and perhaps have welcomed a little bundle of joy in their lives. The Slaton sibling recently shared an adorable picture of himself on his social media portal with this little one. Continue reading to learn more about the baby and have a glimpse of their heart-warming picture!

1000 Lb Sisters: Chris Combs Shares The Glimpse Of His Grandbaby!

Chris met Brittany at her workplace, and four years after knowing each other, they tied the knot in 2016. Ever since, they have been cherishing life. The former is a popular 1000 Lb Sisters star cast for he has often been seen working hard to reduce weight like his sisters. While his wife seldom appears on the show, wherein she dresses modestly with a headband. So, fans often speculate that Brittany is covering her head because her autoimmune condition may have caused her hair loss. Some even speculate that she cannot have a baby because of her health issues.

But, her husband Chris recently took to her social media to post a picture posing with a little baby. In the caption of this Instagram upload, he expressed delight as he penned, “Words cannot express how happy this pappy is.” Soon after the upload, 1000 Lb Sisters fans could not hold their excitement and started to congratulate him. A follower acted smart and asked him if it was his baby, followed by congratulating him. Hence, Chris soon clarified that it was his grandbaby.

Quick enough, his followers started congratulating him for his grandkid. Another curious fan asked whose baby it was. To this, Chris exclaimed that it was his son’s child. It is certain that Chris and Brittany do not have a baby together, but he has two kids, Emily and Brandon, from his previous marriage. On top of that, Combs is already a grandfather of a boy named Iris.

1000 Lb Sisters: Chris Shows Off His Weight Loss Transformation!

Like siblings Tammy and Amy, Chris was also struggling obesity. Thus, he underwent a Bariatric surgery, which was successful. He stayed consistent and dedicated to her changed lifestyle which has brought immense change both to his health and physical appearance. Progress of the TLC star was evident in the Instagram post shared by his sister Tammy along with the popular comedian Chelsi Lynn. Most of 1000 Lb Sisters fans admired the upload, and some especially praised Chris for his incredible transformation.

The applause in the comments continued as some of them assured him that his dedication would take his transformation higher. But Chris himself has never been vocal about his transformation or journey towards a fitter self, primarily because it will be featured in the upcoming seasons.

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