Tammy Slaton has come a long way since her 1000 Lb Sisters journey began. Throughout the show, she has always been outspoken and honest. However, many of her family members have often taken offense because of her rude attitude. Well, fans sensed it, too, whenever she would talk to them on social media. Lately, Tammy has been against her sister Amy’s new boyfriend Tony Rodgers. Apparently, she has made it known that she is against her younger sister’s new relationship!

1000 Lb Sisters: Tammy Doesn’t Like Amy’s New Boyfriend! Slams Him For Using Her

Noted 1000 Lb Sisters stars Amy and Tammy have suffered a lot in their love lives this year. At first, the former announced her separation from her husband, Michael Halterman, after four years of marriage. Then, Tammy suffered a grave loss as her husband, Caleb Willingham, passed away. But, the younger sister took no time to move on and is already in a new relationship with Tony Rodgers. As per Thesun, Tammy doesn’t like her sibling’s new boyfriend. Things are so serious between him and Amy that they are also living together in Kentucky.

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Hence, Tammy allegedly would accompany Amy when she had just started dating Tony. She believes the man has been using her sister. As per her, he does “nothing” and “lives off of” Amy. That’s not all. As per the eldest sibling, Amy and Tony fight with each other a lot, too. They once mixed a lot of exits owing to their bickering. Hence, fans feel it is problematic that the couple is always living together. But Amy has not yet revealed her relationship. She has been keeping it quite low-key, and fans feel all will come into the limelight in the upcoming episodes 1000 Lb Sisters. The new season will shed more light on the topic.

1000 Lb Sisters: Amy & New Boyfriend Living Together! She Is NOT YET Divorced

Amy and Michael’s failing marriage first came into the limelight in March 2023. That’s when the news about their separation shocked 1000 Lb Sisters fans. But they had sensed something like this might happen owing to their deteriorating bond in Season 4. So, currently, they are on the verge of getting a divorce and have been coming to court for the same constantly. However, things paced up for Amy when she met her boyfriend, Tony,three months ago. He is a resident of Battle Creek, Michigan.

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After a few months, the couple decided it would be best to move in together. So, Tony has been living with Amy and the kids in their Kentucky home. Hence, fans found it problematic as she hasn’t even finalized her divorce from Michael and is already in a seemingly serious relationship with Tony, which isn’t going well either. Hence, fans want the star to get a grip on her life and think things through one more time. How do you feel about Amy’s new relationship?

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