The popular TLC show Little People Big World has won many hearts over the years. It debuted back in 2006 and introduced the Roloff family to the world. LPBW featured Amy and Matt’s storyline, who lived on their 100-acre farms and raised their kids. As per the current scenario, their kid, Zach, and his wife, Tori, are the ones who are primarily gathering the attention of the audience. But recently, fans were in shock when they noticed some bizarre hints teasing Zach and Tori’s exit from the show. Are they really leaving their family franchise? Are they preparing for the end game?

LPBW: Are Zach & Tori Leaving Their Family Show?

It has been a while since LPBW fans have seen Zach and Tori’s loving storyline along with their kids. After the infamous family feud of the former with Matt, the entire Roloff family disintegrated. Hence, it was only the star kid’s family that entertained their audience. But there have been several instances when Tori admitted that their “end is close” now. Amid all this, fans were surprised when they noticed some shocking things that hinted at the couple’s end from the show.

Recently, a Reddit thread started that wondered if Tori and Zach were now planning to leave LPBW. It pointed out that the former has now begun to take her influencer career really seriously. She has been collaborating with numerous brands and ventures. Moreover, Tori even asked her viewers to follow her YouTube channel as well. She told her viewers to suggest topics on which they wanted content from her. This made viewers wonder that perhaps Tori and Zach were hoarding money as they soon would be leaving the TLC show.

But it seems that still many viewers aren’t convinced by the same. Someone explained that they have four children and wouldn’t prefer ditching their TLC cheque at this time. Another one added that Tori and Zach wouldn’t leave LPBW till the network itself cancels it.

LPBW: Will Season 25 Be The Last One? Is TLC Cancelling The Show?

Fans have now started to wonder if TLC would soon cancel LPBW. Several viewers claimed that if Zach and Tori walked out from the show, it would start lacking a storyline. Apparently, Jeremy and Audrey had left the show way back. So, it makes Zach and his family the center of attention. In light of this, viewers feel that if they would also leave Little People Big World, they would be least interested in watching a mere storyline of Amy and Matt. Hence, there is a fair chance that the network would then consider canceling the show after the Season 25 finale episode.

Little People Big World LPBW

Amid all this, Zach and Tori are doing their best to increase their income. The latter has joined several new platforms and is busy promoting products on social media. On the other hand, the patriarch has been building a shop lately. After it’s complete, they could either open their own startup or they could rent it as well. Either way, it will surely end up bringing a significant amount in the couple’s pocket. So, there is a fair chance that after achieving financial stability, Tori and Zach wouldn’t feel the need to film for their family show. 

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