Audrey and Jeremy Roloff are embracing their life outside of Roloff farms. They dropped their plans to live on the family property to lead a new life away from the reality TV world. The Little People Big World couple decided to exit the show a couple of years ago. But they never fail to make their kids live the perfect country life. Jeremy and Audrey wants to give their kids the true experience of it all. However, they often face the hate of trolls several times for their decisions. Despite the hate, they share a lot of glimpses of their life on social media. Recently, the LPBW star Audrey shared a picture of her kids rolling in mud on their farm. But why did she leave them alone?

LPBW: Audrey Roloff Records Her Messy Kids On The Farm!

Former LPBW castmates Audrey and Jeremy are known for sharing their rigid, conservative views on social media. Also, some slam them now and then for being bad parents. Also, they have left their kids alone several times to enjoy vacations and trips. Now, it looks like Audrey is under fire again for her latest update. Recently, she shared a picture of her three kids playing in the mud.

In it, Ember was holding a hose in her hand as she watched her brother Bode and Radley rolling in mud. The mom-of-three recorded her kids in her $1.5 million farmhouse. Audrey stated, “outside mess vs. inside mess” with the text overlay. However, the reality TV star also panned the camera to reveal how it looked from the inside.


The house has been fully under renovation, with ladders and insulations for the process. Seemingly, the LPBW stars, Audrey and Jeremy, began amping up their home back in May. Audrey and Jeremy made these changes after the latter’s plan failed to take over the family farm. Audrey has also been complaining a lot about having issues with constant construction happening in her home. Hence, the couple is making the required changes to the four-bedroom property. However, it appears that things are getting out of hand for Audrey to handle her kids during the construction.

LPBW: Fans Slammed Audrey And Jeremy For Homeschooling Kids!

Ex LPBW celebs Audrey and Jeremy’s parenting decisions don’t land well with the views of the audience. Fans find it strange that they are not letting their kids explore the outer world. Also, they often leave them alone near risky things and places on the farms. Recently, Audrey sparked a debate with a new decision to homeschool her kids. She believes that it gives the kids more time to learn at their own pace with learning efficiently. Also, Jeremy and Audrey think it will help the kids choose their interests better.

Little People Big World

However, fans slammed the LPBW star, Audrey, for the decision. Several fans stated they are not letting the kids explore different world views. Also, some fans believe that Jeremy and Audrey are narrow-minded. But she has decided not to respond to haters for the same.

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