Whitney Way Thore has been trying hard to keep her spirits high. But life has other plans. The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star hit rock bottom last year when she lost her mother, Babs. Her family’s experience will become part of the upcoming season of MBFFL. Lately, the star revealed another shocking piece of information to her fans. Unfortunately, her father, Glenn, got into a horrible accident and hasn’t been doing well! So, what exactly happened to him?

MBFFL: Whitney Reveals Her Father Got Into A Car Crash! Is He Okay?

Popular TLC celeb Whitney Way Thore lives life unapologetically. Be it good or bad, she never shies away from sharing her experience with her fans through her show MBFFL or her social media. Lately, her new post raised a lot of concerns. She talked about how her father, Glenn, got into an accident. It happened when he was in his car, a Black Toyota Prius. He was trying to cross an intersection when another vehicle ran into him by crossing the red light.

Luckily, Whitney was only a few minutes away from the place of the accident and quickly came and took her father to the ER. At first, then thought Glenn had broken some ribs. But after multiple tests, scans and X-rays, they found out he broke a bone in his ankle. At the same time, there is a hematoma in his leg too. For the unversed MBFFL fans, it means Glenn has “localized bleeding” in the outer area of his blood vessels. Yet, Whitney lauded her father’s spirits as he refused to take morphine during his treatment.

At the same time, Glenn didn’t want his family worrying about him despite being in “a lot of pain.” So to diffuse the tension, he asked them to go to Starbucks with him. Fans were in awe of his resilient nature and hoped he would get well soon. Whitney also included a video from this unexpected day. It featured Glenn’s damaged car and the aftermath of the accident.

MBFFL: Whitney Slams Trolls For Attacking Her Father After The Accident!

While the MBFFL fanbase sent their prayers and was very supportive of Whitney and her father, some trolls didn’t spare the family even at this tough time. Many remembered how Glenn Thore recently celebrated his 77th birthday. Hence, many felt that someone of that age shouldn’t be driving on their own. Well, Whitney always stands up for her family, so she quickly slammed the haters for their opinions without knowing the whole story. That’s when Whitney revealed that it was a 19-year-old driver who rammed into her father’s car.


Hence, Whitney felt it was the 19-year-old who shouldn’t have been driving. She slammed the person who made a comment and told them to recognize that their comment was “offhand,” and they didn’t think about it. Then, she added that the exact problem was that they didn’t “think about it.” She also called the user and their statement “flippant and insensitive.”

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