Sister Wives Season 18 has premiered and has started to create controversies with its very first episode! It has documented all the real emotions of the Browns, accompanied by all the reasons which initially led to three divorces in just 14 months. Hence, it is evident that there are many shocking revelations and confessions as well. Amid all this, fans were taken aback when they saw how Robyn didn’t even let Meri enter her house. The latter was shivering because of the cold weather, but the former didn’t pay heed to her! But why?

Sister Wives: Robyn Did Not Let Meri Enter Her House! But Why?

Robyn Brown’s house is quite a mystery for the viewers. Apparently, Sister Wives fans have seen Janelle, Meri, and Christine’s house. But Kody’s fourth wife has never allowed the camera crew in her home. Amid all this, viewers were in shock when they saw Robyn not even letting Meri enter her place. In a recent episode, this duo had an intense conversation about the broken status of their family. The l one wolf decided to visit Robyn’s house and discuss the current dynamics.

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Meri drove all over to Flagstaff just to meet Robyn and have a long and detailed discussion over the divorce dynamics. The former was shivering badly because of the super low temperature and freezing cold weather. Meri rang the doorbell while Robyn came to receive her and didn’t even invite her to come inside her warm and cozy house. The duo headed towards a wooden bench and had a chatty conversation.

Amid all this, Robyn noticed that Meri was getting uncomfortable because of the freezing weather. Still, she didn’t offer her to come inside her warm place. She brought Kody’s leather jacket and gave it to Meri. Fans were surprised by this strange behavior of Robyn’s! They started to wonder why she would act like this and if Meri was prohibited from entering her house.

Sister Wives: Fans Call Out Robyn For Her Strange Behaviour! Is She Hiding Something In Her House?

Fans are now becoming skeptical about Robyn and her house. Many users took to Reddit and Twitter and wondered about all the possible reasons why she never allows anyone to enter her home. A user wrote, “So Meri still isn’t allowed in Robyn and Kody’s house?.” The Sister Wives fan further stated, “They are strange people.” Some users pointed out the bizarre angle of Meri and Robyn sitting in “freezing” cold, that too on a wooden bench, instead of having their long conversation inside the latter’s cozy house.

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Many viewers even predicted that perhaps Robyn’s house wasn’t tidy enough to invite Meri inside it. Apparently, they feel that she keeps her place really messy and doesn’t want the world to know about it. In addition to that, there is a fair chance that the celeb simply takes precautions now and is conscious of it. Viewers might remember how some trolled her when the camera captured a packet of condom lying on her side table when all the Sister Wives used to live under the same roof. So maybe Robyn is taking measures to save herself from trolling.

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