Sister Wives star Janelle Brown’s marriage was really chaotic during its last strands. She started to have many conflicts with Kody, and things clearly began to deteriorate. Apparently, the pandemic played a crucial role as the latter was very serious when it came to its rules and regulations. Not only this, but the patriarch wanted his entire family to have the same approach towards COVID-19. This even led to the disintegration of the clan with Janelle and the kids. Amid all this, the matriarch recently opened up about the point where she felt that she was forced to choose between her children and Kody!

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Opens Up About The Feeling Of Having To Choose Between Kids & Kody

Janelle Brown isn’t hesitating in spilling the tea and behind the scenes of her divorce. Recently, she talked about how it “was really hard” for her kids to follow Kody’s unrealistic rules. The Sister Wives celeb admitted that these rules started to “twist” their relationships until they actually broke several bonds! As per Janelle, when Kody began to be away more, she realized something. She added, “I could be on my own. I could do this.” Amid all this, the latter commenced to have issues with her kids. He used to say, “Well, choose your loyalties,” which Janelle didn’t like at all!

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Sister Wives star Janelle started to feel that Kody was asking her to choose between him and the kids. But she was stubborn in the fact that she wouldn’t be leaving her children and wouldn’t even ask them to move out during the pandemic. She admitted that such things “put enough pressure” on her relationship with Kody, “which did break more than it had ever before.” Janelle confessed that she began to feel like having a “tightrope” around her of choosing sides. So, things further deteriorated when the boys had to move out when Kody came in. Janelle revealed that she had to spray everything with Lysol, which made the dynamics chaotic and hectic for her.

Sister Wives: Is There No Scope Of Reconciliation Between Kody & Janelle Brown?

Kody Brown recently hinted at his intentions of reconciling with Janelle. This made the Sister Wives viewers wonder if the latter would ever think of going back to the same dynamics. But it seems that some haunting memories and some wounds are still fresh in her mind. Recently, she opened up to People about how Kody never gave any hope or sign of reconciliation when it comes to his bond with his kids. Janelle claimed that she doesn’t even remember a single gesture that would say, “Hey, son, let’s figure this out.” She added that it was just, “My way or the highway,” when it comes to Kody.

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Amid all this, Janelle recalled during the recent episode of Season 18 how Kody was getting “black and white” with her. She revealed to Christine that “He’s getting angrier and angrier.” The matrairch further confessed, “I don’t even know who this guy is anymore.” Janelle admitted that she didn’t see any point in working on her bond with Kody because it didn’t seem worth it. Hence, after all this, fans feel that perhaps Janelle would never even consider reconciling with Kody.

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