LPBW star Matt has burned the midnight oil on Roloff Farms to make it exist in its current form. He initially bought it in the 1980s, and soon, because of his family show, this property rose to fame. However, during the last few years, this 100-acre farm became the sole reason for the disintegration of the Roloff family. Since then, Matt has been trying his best to earn from his property and has tried several methods to do so. Recently, viewers were in shock when they learned about the hefty charges he has been charging for his AirBnb lately! What is the cost of spending a night on Roloff farms? Is Matt desperate for money now?

LPBW: Fans Feel Matt Roloff Is Desperate To Earn Money From Roloff Farms! But Why?

Matt decided to put 16 acres from his Roloff on the market for sale. He decided to sell it for $4 million but was unable to lock in a deal. Hence, the LPBW celeb chose to work on his plan B and converted his farm into an Airbnb. Now, the viewers could have a vacation on the 100-acre property while Matt arranged many activities for the entertainment as well. Amid all this, fans were in literal shock when they got to know about the cost that Matt was charging just for a night! Recently, a Reddit thread with the title, “Yikes! Who Can Afford This?” started and revealed the hefty amount.

The thread shared a screenshot of the official website of Airbnb, which claimed that spending a night on Roloff farms would cost $1,115! The advertisement claimed that the house can accommodate 16+ guests as it has 6 bedrooms with 11 beds and 5.5 bathrooms. Apparently, it only has 8 reviews to date, which hints how Matt’s Plan B perhaps wasn’t working well. Many LPBW viewers admitted that was a hefty amount and that he was charging too much just for a night. Moreover, fans accused him of hoarding money and wondered if the celeb was becoming desperate to earn now.

LPBW: Is Roloff Farms Back On The Market? Why Isn’t Matt Able To Sell It?

Fans believe that Matt’s Airbnb is for large groups who can split the money and pay. Apparently, they feel that $1,115 is too much for a couple or a single person to visit. So the celeb is perhaps proving a good deal for a “big fam” vacation. Amid all this, LPBW viewers wondered if Matt had decided to sell his 16 acres again or not. Apparently, as per the current scenario, he has put his farm down on the market again for $3.3 Million! Earlier, he tried his best to lock in a deal for $4 Million, but fans slammed him for charging an unreasonable price.


Though Matt has reduced the price to $3.3 Million, fans still feel that he wouldn’t be able to sell it. A user explained that this price is too much for a farm that isn’t even in a great location. The fans further added that it is not even a “tourist spot.” In addition to that, the celeb has already received hatred for not selling the property to Zach and Jeremy. So this would further affect the interest of the buyers, and they would perhaps be hesitant to purchase the infamous property. Hence, there is a fair chance that this time, as well, Matt won’t be able to lock in a deal.

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