Besides having his hands full with looking after the Busby girls and filming for TLC’s OutDaughtered, Adam Busby finds time to follow his passion for photography. He owns a media company by the name of Adam Busby Media. The dad of six adorable daughters was recently occupied with his shooting when he met with a “freak accident.” This injury took Adam straight to the emergency room. What could have happened to him? Is he alright, or was it something serious? Continue reading to find the answers.

OutDaughtered: What Took Adam Busby To The Emergency Room?

On a usual day, Adam was busy working when he met with a silly accident that took him to the ER. He landed on his Instagram stories on August 24, Thursday to provide his fans with better insight into his accident. Adam kicked off the video by sharing that the incident took place while he was working to create content. He was clicking pictures for Good Rangers, a meat company. He added that they were working with Chef Beau MacMillan (Iron Chef) in a kitchen studio.


Talking about the accident, the Busby family patriarch shared that early in the day, he went to his truck to get a few things. Adam had a knife in his camera bag, and the pocket carrying the knife had a magnetic closure that made the knife stand upright, facing the opening. While having a quick conversation with someone, he reached into his bag without looking and slid his figure over the knife. Describing the wound, Daddy Busby revealed it was a clean cut leading to his bone.

Adam temporarily tapped his figure and completed his photoshoot, for he had only a day to work with Chef Beau. Soon after the shoot, he headed up to the ER, where the doctor was amazed at how he stopped the bleeding of such a deep wound. She gave him the necessary assistance. Thankfully, Adam did a great job in closing the wound. He looked fine as he shared about the accident with his Instagram followers.

OutDaughtered: Summer Break Has Come To An End!

Adam and Danielle recently shared a series of pictures featuring all their daughters as they were ready for their first day of school. While penning her emotions in the caption, Mommy Busby revealed that the quints- Hazel, Olivia, Ava, Riley, and Parker are third graders now. And their elder sister, Blayke, is a seventh grader. Danielle penned that she could not believe how big her girls have grown. While concluding her caption, she hoped and prayed for a safe and smooth academic year for all her daughters.

This caption was evident enough of a mother’s love for her daughters. Many OutDaughtered fans could relate to Danielle; thus, they landed in the comments of her post to congratulate Busby girls and their parents as they embark on another year of their academic development. Do you also believe that quints and their elder sister have grown up so fast? 

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