Sister Wives Shock: Kody Brown on the Prowl for a New Wife, Contradicting Previous Monogamy Claims?

Kody Brown, the focal point of ongoing attention, has been experiencing major life changes since Christine Brown requested a divorce and left him. In the upcoming Season 18 of Sister Wives, fans will witness Meri and Janelle following in Christine’s footsteps and also departing from the polygamist lifestyle. In a previous interview, Kody mentioned his desire to be monogamous with Robyn, acknowledging the challenges of plural marriage. However, it appears that Kody is now disregarding his previous statements as he embarks on a search for a potential new partner.

Sister Wives Drama: Kody’s Quest for a Fresh Wife

Popular figure Kody Brown has faced intense scrutiny over the past few seasons of Sister Wives, particularly due to his heightened favoritism towards Robyn during the pandemic, leading to strain in his relationships with his other spouses. Eventually, they reached their breaking point and left the polygamist setup. The new season promises to shed light on these developments. Surprisingly, Robyn also mentioned her own struggles in her relationship with Kody, despite being the only one legally married to him. Consequently, TheSun has reported that Kody is now actively seeking a new wife.

This news has come as a shock to Sister Wives fans, as Kody had expressed his desire for monogamy with Robyn during the Tell-All. The revelation of his pursuit to expand his family has left everyone surprised. According to a source, Kody’s main focus is to make Robyn happy, as she wishes to have sister wives. Thus, he is currently exploring the possibility of finding a new partner and is open to dating. The star aims to restore his faith, reconcile past issues, and reconnect with his church. Longtime viewers may recall that Kody and his wives are Mormons from the Apostolic United Brethren.

Reports suggest that Kody had already attempted to find new wives last year and was even courting someone. However, it is uncertain whether this will be featured on the show, as the potential sister wife eventually rejected Kody, causing him humiliation.

Sister Wives Turmoil: Robyn’s Admission of a “Hellish” Life

Despite having Kody all to herself, Robyn has been deeply affected by the departure of the other Sister Wives. In the Season 18 trailer, she experienced a breakdown when envisioning a future where all of Kody’s wives would sit together on a porch with their children and grandchildren. However, with Meri, Janelle, and Christine parting ways with Kody, this vision will no longer become a reality. Robyn has openly expressed that her life has become “hellish” following these changes.

Robyn mentioned the difficulty of going through a divorce while still being married and even claimed that Kody had tried to sabotage their relationship. Despite the challenges, she has been working hard to make their marriage work. The split of the Brown family has deeply impacted both Robyn and Kody, while Meri, Janelle, and Christine seem to be leading happier lives. Share your thoughts on Kody’s quest for a new wife in the comments section below.

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