The upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) will introduce a half-sister of Whitney Way Thore, which has led some fans to suspect that she may be fake and portrayed by an actress. This suspicion may stem from previous rumors suggesting that Whitney and her best friend Hunter have a secret brother. Fans are questioning why TLC would introduce a sister if a brother actually exists.

Initial rumors about a potential secret son in the Thore family originated from sources who claim to have information from family members and former friends. These rumors suggested that Genn Thore, Whitney’s father, fathered a son while serving in the military in Asia. However, when the trailer for the new season revealed the introduction of a half-sister, fans became confused as the original rumors mentioned a male child. The trailer only showed the back of the woman, who appeared to have blonde hair and a larger physique.

The question arises as to whether TLC would go as far as creating a fictional sister for the show. It is possible that there was a miscommunication, and the child in question is actually a brother. Alternatively, there may have been another child born out of wedlock who was raised in America, or TLC decided to change the gender of the sibling for the show’s narrative.

Whitney herself claimed that she first heard about her “sister” on the same day her mother had her final stroke, which ultimately led to her passing. This revelation came through Whitney’s Instagram Q&A session. The timing of the news aligns with the original leak about an illegitimate child, except for the gender discrepancy.

Rumors circulated that TLC was considering ending the show after the passing of Whitney’s mother, Babs. However, the introduction of the secret sibling storyline, with the approval of Glenn Thore (Whitney’s father), prompted the network to reconsider. Other rumors suggest that Whitney initially had a strong reaction upon learning about the secret sibling.

Despite the confusion and speculation, the show will portray Whitney’s excitement and anticipation as she looks forward to meeting her half-sister, Angie, in the upcoming season. Only time will tell how the storyline unfolds and whether the questions surrounding the sibling’s gender and authenticity will be addressed.

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