The decision for the Busby family to step away from the screens after eight seasons of OutDaughtered was not an easy one. They felt it was important to prioritize their girls and evaluate what was best for them. The trials they faced during the global pandemic showcased their strength, but they also recognized their limits. They didn’t have a clear future date in mind to resume filming when they initially quit, and they were unsure if it would fit into their schedule at the time.

However, the Busbys eventually decided to return to filming and make a comeback on TLC’s OutDaughtered. It was a family decision, and they consulted their kids, including Blayke and the quintuplets, about their feelings on having cameras around again. Blayke, who was entering middle school, agreed that filming was the right idea, and the quintuplets also expressed their willingness to move forward with a new season.

In Season 9 of OutDaughtered, there is a different feel compared to previous seasons. Adam and Danielle Busby became executive producers, and the girls have been given the choice of when they want to be filmed. Adam has taken on more family responsibilities to support Danielle, allowing her time to focus on running Graeson Bee Boutique. Additionally, Adam has been mindful of not overdoing and has been helping Danielle address her health stressors.

The new season has also featured a different cast dynamic, with fewer appearances from extended family members. Each child’s growth and development bring new dynamics to the show. However, it’s worth noting that Season 9 has fewer episodes compared to previous seasons, and the last episode is scheduled to air on Tuesday, August 29.

Adam has faced additional challenges this season as he takes on more solo parenting responsibilities. He aims to show the fans his ability to handle the demands of raising six kids alone and wants to inspire other dads to do the same. The Busby family continues to grow and face challenges together, strengthening their bond along the way.

Overall, the return of the Busby family to OutDaughtered has brought excitement to fans who have missed following their journey. The decision to step away and then come back was driven by a desire to prioritize their children and ensure they were ready to handle the demands of filming again.ShareLikeDislike

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