In a recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody Brown made a confession that didn’t come as a surprise to viewers. He openly admitted to being a ridiculous hypocrite and a controlling individual. So, what led Kody to be so candid about his true character? Here’s what happened.

As part of their faith, getting piercings was strictly prohibited. However, it turned out that Christine, Janelle, and Robyn had all gotten piercings before meeting Kody. Janelle was the first to remove her piercings, complying with Kody’s wishes. While she found it a bit silly, she had no issue following his request.

Kody cringed as he recalled Christine having multiple piercings. Although Christine regretted her decision, she also removed her piercings out of respect for her husband. However, things became more complicated when Robyn entered the picture. She refused to give up her piercings without some sort of compromise.

Robyn informed Kody that she would remove her piercings, but he would have to stop being grumpy during the holiday season. She didn’t want to spend Christmas with a constantly grumpy man. Consequently, Kody prohibited all of his children from getting piercings until they turned 18. He admitted that he had no idea when his other children started getting piercings, but Janelle believed her children waited until they were 18.

Fans speculate that Kody’s change of heart regarding piercings may have been influenced by his favorite wife, Robyn, who wanted her ears pierced. Additionally, Robyn started a jewelry business, which may have contributed to Kody reevaluating his perspective on the matter. When Aurora expressed her desire to have her ears pierced, Kody allowed it to happen and praised her for respecting him by not getting them pierced without his permission.

Towards the end of the segment on piercings, Kody had a confession to make. He revealed that he had a secret: he had a piercing in his youth with his mother’s approval. He acknowledged that this made him a hypocrite, and his wives quickly called him out on his hypocrisy, playfully referring to him as a “little hypocrite.”

Fans found it quite surprising that Kody took such a strong stance against piercings despite having once had one himself. They also felt it was disrespectful to his other children that he allowed Aurora to get her ears pierced after telling them all no.

This revelation shed light on Kody’s contradictory behavior and the control he exerted over his family’s personal choices, leaving fans with mixed feelings about his actions.

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