Fans of 90 Day Fiancé were left shocked when Pedro and Chantel announced their decision to file for divorce. The couple, once seen as having great potential, faced issues that ultimately led them to part ways. During this time, Chantel posted cryptic messages and spoke about her divorce, while fans perceived Pedro as moving on happily with his life. However, recent events have revealed that Pedro is still harboring feelings for Chantel, leading to fans trolling him once again.

Pedro and Chantel’s undeniable chemistry captivated viewers, and their storyline quickly gained attention. The couple’s spinoff, The Family Chantel, became popular as it delved into their relationship struggles. When Pedro initiated the divorce proceedings, Chantel wasted no time accusing him of infidelity, though she kept the details private. Surprisingly, fans discovered that Pedro is still emotionally attached to his estranged wife.

Recently, Pedro shared a photo on Instagram showcasing his new “clean look.” Wearing a white shirt and a black tie, he smiled at the camera. However, fans were not convinced and expressed their displeasure in the comments section. One user pointed out that although Pedro may appear clean on the outside, his actions towards Chantel were not. Another fan commented on his “dirty heart.” Some viewers felt that Pedro still owed Chantel a lot, and his actions were unjustified. The consensus among fans was that Pedro’s outward appearance may seem clean, but his heart is not.

Following his divorce from Chantel, Pedro has been focused on self-improvement and moving forward with his life. He has seemingly undergone a revenge makeover, which includes working on his physical appearance. Pedro recently shared a mirror selfie taken at the gym, dressed in an all-black outfit with matching boxers and a t-shirt. Accompanying the photo, he wrote, “Let’s go.”

Fans quickly noticed the significant changes in Pedro’s physique, indicating his dedication to fitness. He now possesses a muscular figure with well-toned arms and legs. This transformation surprised viewers, as they perceived Pedro as a version 2.0 of himself, both physically and possibly in terms of his personality. Fans commented on his improved soul and body, praising his beautiful heart and physique.

It is important to note that the events described above are fictional and do not reflect the real lives of Pedro and Chantel, as the information provided is based on the given scenario.

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