The upcoming Season 11 of My Big Fat Fabulous Life (MBFFL) has received backlash from disappointed fans, leading some to vow to boycott the show. Several storylines have emerged that have left viewers feeling fed up and disillusioned. Let’s explore the reasons behind their dissatisfaction.

One of the main sources of fan discontent is the decision to feature the funeral of Babs, the mother of Whitney Way Thore and Hunter. Many fans expressed their discomfort with seeing Babs in ailing health during the previous season and felt that it was inappropriate for TLC to profit from her distress. The inclusion of her funeral in the upcoming season is seen by some viewers as tacky and exploitative.

Another recurring theme that has worn thin for fans is Whitney’s constant pursuit of romantic relationships. Each season, she embarks on a new quest for love, only to face disappointment. The storyline involving an anonymous French tutor in the previous season was particularly unbelievable to viewers, and they felt that it sent the wrong message about empowerment by suggesting that a larger-sized woman couldn’t find love.

The introduction of a half-sister named Angie in the new season has also sparked controversy. Social media leaks prior to the release of the trailer mentioned the existence of a half-sibling, but the original information suggested it was a brother, not a sister. Fans believe that the brother refused to appear on the show, leading TLC to create a half-sister character and hire an actress to portray her. This perceived fakery and manipulation of the storyline has further frustrated viewers, who value authenticity and dislike fabricated narratives.

Additionally, a scene in the upcoming season where Whitney requires rescue due to oxygen deprivation during a trip to the mountains of Switzerland has added to the drama-filled nature of the show. While Whitney’s ability to create dramatic moments has been a staple of the series, some fans feel that it has become excessive and contrived.

As a result of these factors, some fans have decided to boycott Season 11 of MBFFL, expressing their discontent with the direction of the show and their disappointment with the storylines presented.

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