Unexpected alum McKayla Adkins is opening up about the details of her divorce and what led to the end of her marriage with Ethan Tenney. Fans have been curious about their relationship status, and McKayla is now sharing the truth about their situation.

After a tumultuous relationship with Caelan Morrison and being a single mother to two children, McKayla thought she had found happiness with Ethan. They fell in love, got engaged, and she became pregnant. However, they experienced a miscarriage before eventually expecting again. In April 2022, McKayla and Ethan welcomed their baby boy, and McKayla revealed that this would be her last child.

Speculation about McKayla and Ethan’s breakup started in January, and by the following month, it became more evident that they had indeed split. McKayla was selling her wedding dress on Poshmark, indicating that the separation was official. She began cryptically talking about their separation, but now she has confirmed it. During an Instagram Q&A segment, a fan asked when she knew it was time to end the relationship, to which McKayla responded that it was a mutual decision and they both realized the relationship couldn’t be salvaged.

As of now, there are no divorce filings that have been found. Despite the end of her marriage, McKayla is focusing on her personal growth and happiness. She underwent nose reconstruction to correct a previous nose job and has started cosmetology school. Previously working as a bartender, McKayla is determined to make positive changes in her life.

While fans had to bid farewell to McKayla Adkins from Unexpected a few years ago, they are eagerly awaiting the return of the show for its sixth season. Although a date has not been announced, Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett will be returning, evoking mixed emotions among viewers. In the meantime, fans can follow McKayla on social media to stay updated on her life.

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