Caryn Chandler, the fiancee of Little People Big World star Matt Roloff, has faced family troubles involving her son, Connor. Their relationship started off on a sour note, and Connor later found himself in legal trouble due to his drug addiction and was involved in a custody battle. Recently, Connor opened up about the difficulties he faced being away from his firstborn son.

Despite the initial challenges, Caryn and Connor have managed to mend their relationship. Connor, along with his girlfriend, became parents to their son, Liam, nearly two years ago. However, their relationship deteriorated due to differing parenting choices, leading to a breakup and subsequent custody battle.

According to TheSun, Connor went through a dark period during this time. His ex-girlfriend accused him of showing up unannounced at her house and knocking on doors and windows without permission. As a result, Connor was unable to see his son for six months, with only a few minutes of visitation granted. Fortunately, things have started to improve for Connor. He and Ashley, his ex-girlfriend, are now on good terms and working towards effective co-parenting. Connor has also been clean since those incidents and is focusing on improving his physical and mental health.

In the midst of their custody battle, Connor and Ashley faced numerous challenges. Ashley sought sole custody of Liam and requested supervised parenting time in November 2022. Due to Connor’s past actions, she was hesitant to provide contact information. Connor had previously threatened Ashley and their son by repeatedly knocking on doors and windows. In December 2022, Connor sought joint custody of their son.

There were disputes regarding child support as well. Connor denied that a child support plan had been finalized before the announcement of a joint custody plan. However, he agreed to seek treatment to establish a healthy relationship with his son, Liam. On June 6, 2023, the Oregon Division of Child Support issued a judgment ordering Connor to pay $799 per month in child support.

Despite the challenges faced by Caryn Chandler and her son, it appears they are making progress in rebuilding their relationship and navigating the complexities of co-parenting.

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