During a recent episode of Sister Wives, Meri Brown made a self-righteous statement that some fans deemed hypocritical. The episode showed Kody Brown taking his daughter Aurora to get her ears pierced, which was a milestone for him as he had previously believed that getting piercings was wrong. He had even asked his wives to remove their piercings to be with him. Meri was the only wife who didn’t have piercings, and she still doesn’t.

Meri explained in a confessional that she was taught growing up that any type of piercing was wrong because if God intended humans to have extra holes, they would have been created that way. Some fans found this statement hypocritical because Meri has a child who is transitioning and undergoing surgical changes to their body, which contradicts the notion of accepting the body as it was created by God.

Meri clarified that her faith had nothing to do with her decision not to get piercings, citing her extremely sensitive skin as the reason why piercings wouldn’t work for her.

Despite the clarification, many fans couldn’t overlook the perceived inconsistency between Meri’s stance on piercings and her support for her transgender child’s surgical changes. They viewed it as a contradiction to her claim of being against piercings based on how the body was created.

It’s important to note that these opinions and interpretations are based on viewer reactions and may not capture the full context of Meri’s beliefs and actions.

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