In the upcoming Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville, viewers will witness the aftermath of Kim and Barry Plath’s divorce, as they embark on new chapters in their lives. Kim’s love life, specifically her new relationship, will be a major storyline in the upcoming season. On the other hand, Barry has been focusing on working out with his son, Micah Plath, as a way to channel his emotions.

In a recent preview shared by TLC on Instagram, Moriah and Lydia Plath, Kim’s daughters, expressed their thoughts on their mother’s decision to start dating again. While sitting outside at a restaurant, Kim announced to her daughters, “I’m ready to start dating.” Moriah responded by saying, “I don’t support that,” and Lydia agreed, saying, “Same.”

Fans have speculated based on hints and other previews that Kim has indeed started dating despite her daughters’ objections. Although the decision ultimately lies with Kim, Moriah and Lydia seem to have their reasons for believing that entering the dating world may not be a good idea for their mother. The preview only provided a brief glimpse of the conversation, so there is likely more to the story as Kim and her daughters discuss her future without Barry.

Fans are naturally curious to see how this storyline unfolds in the upcoming season, and they wonder if Kim’s other children will also share their thoughts on her decision to date or express their opinions upon meeting her new boyfriend.

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