Deon Derrico, the patriarch of the Derrico family featured on “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” is known for his dedication to his 14 children and his respect for his wife, Karen, and his mother, Marian (known as ‘GG’). It is evident that Deon is a responsible person, and his upbringing and the influence of a special lady in his life have played a role in shaping his character.

Recently, viewers saw Deon and GG meeting with someone named Amani, leading to speculation about a potential family connection. While there has been some controversy and criticism directed towards Deon, it hasn’t significantly affected his popularity among TLC fans.

Unfortunately, GG is facing health challenges as she battles cancer. Social media users have expressed their support and formed prayer chains for her. Deon has been there for his mother during this difficult time, demonstrating his love and care for her.

The special lady who influenced and turned Deon’s life around is indeed GG, his mother. Deon expressed his gratitude on Instagram, acknowledging that he learned important values such as morals, respect, and love from her. He also credited her teachings for the positive outcomes in his family life with his wife, Karen, and their children. Deon listened to his mother’s advice and believes that following her guidance has made a significant difference in his life.

Deon and Karen are passing on GG’s morals to their own children, perpetuating the cycle of respect, love, and faith. The family’s strong bond and belief that everything will work out with faith are evident in their interactions on the show.

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