Whitney Way Thore is determined to pay tribute to her late mother in the upcoming season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

With the premiere of Season 11 just around the corner, fans are eagerly anticipating what lies ahead for the Thore family. However, the decision to televise Babs Thore’s funeral has sparked some controversy among viewers. Despite this, Whitney stands by the family’s choice and is ready to defend it.

Whitney Way Thore opens up about the decision to film Babs’ funeral, acknowledging the significant absence viewers will feel without her mother this season. In an interview with PEOPLE prior to the Season 11 premiere, Whitney shared her thoughts on this difficult episode.

“It’ll be the first season without my mom, and it starts with her funeral, so that’s going to be really difficult, I think, for us as a family to watch,” Whitney revealed. Reflecting on her mother’s last days, she recalled how her executive producer approached her with sensitivity, offering to document the experience. Whitney consulted her father, Glenn, who immediately agreed to the idea.

Whitney explained her father’s perspective, likening her mother to a public figure who deserved to be mourned publicly. She humorously mentioned that Glenn compared Babs to Princess Diana or the Queen of England. Clearly, Babs had made a lasting impact on many lives, and her public mourning reflects the love and support she received.

The loss of Babs will undoubtedly be deeply felt by the MBFFL audience. Amidst her grief, Whitney expressed gratitude for the incredible support her family received. Witnessing the profound effect her mother had on people’s lives and knowing she will be remembered by many brought comfort to Whitney during this challenging time.

Season 11 of MBFFL will revolve around healing and unity within the Thore family. Whitney revealed that viewers can expect to see the family come together and support one another after Babs’ funeral. In the midst of their grief, Whitney and her brother, Hunter, will join forces to help their father, Glenn, find joy in life once again. The emotional journey involves finding reasons for Glenn to keep living, as he initially expressed a desire not to go on without his beloved wife.

Seeing their father in such a state has been difficult for both Whitney and Hunter. However, they remain committed to supporting him and finding ways to bring happiness back into his life. The upcoming season will showcase the Thore family’s resilience and their ability to find strength in each other, even in the face of profound loss.

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