Popular 90 Day Fiancé stars David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan recently shared photos of a baby on their trip to Thailand, Annie’s home country. While the baby wasn’t theirs, it sparked discussions among their fans about the couple’s desire to have their own child. The couple has been open about wanting to become parents and recently mentioned their attempts to conceive on the Pillow Talk spinoff. Let’s dive into their baby fever and future plans as shared by David and Annie.

Annie posted photos of herself and David with their nephew Navin on Instagram, expressing their joy at finally meeting him. Fans have been aware of the couple’s desire to have a baby, and Annie even mentioned in a recent post that they were actively trying. Last November, the couple had hoped Annie was pregnant when she missed her period, but no baby arrived. David’s previous vasectomy may pose a complication, but they remain hopeful.

Annie shared her excitement about the new addition to their family and asked her followers if they believed her nephew needed a baby cousin. David humorously responded, acknowledging the task ahead of him. Annie revealed in the comments that the baby was the son of her brother, Joe. This new addition holds special significance for Annie, as the last baby born in her family was 16 years ago.

Fans congratulated Annie on the adorable baby and expressed their desire for the couple to have their own child soon. Many echoed the sentiment of the baby needing a cousin. Annie confirmed in a response that she and David have already started trying to conceive, suggesting that David underwent a vasectomy reversal.

The couple’s openness about their journey towards parenthood has garnered support and excitement from their loyal 90 Day Fiancé fanbase. As they continue their efforts to expand their family, fans eagerly await news of a pregnancy and the joy of seeing David and Annie become parents.

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