Kody Brown, the patriarch of TLC’s Sister Wives, has been displaying intense anger and rage, which has become a topic of discussion among the wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn. Fans of the show are perplexed by Kody’s heightened anger and are curious about the cause behind it.

In a Reddit thread titled “I don’t understand,” one Sister Wives fan expressed their confusion and bewilderment over Kody’s anger in the current season. The fan noted that as of November 2021, Kody had been angry with his children for at least a year. They couldn’t comprehend why he would choose to remain angry for such a long time instead of attempting to resolve the issues through communication and love.

The fan admitted that while they understood the need to blow off steam or take a moment to calm down, being angry at their own child for an entire year seemed unfathomable. They questioned whether Kody’s anger had persisted up to the present day.

Fans offered various theories and opinions in response to the thread. Many emphasized that a parent’s love for their child should be unconditional and suggested that Kody’s ego might hinder him from displaying that love. Some fans believed that Kody’s relationship with his adult children seemed distant, as if he had little interest in them once they reached adulthood.

Another viewpoint suggested that Kody’s anger could stem from clashes with his stubborn children, as both parties may be unwilling to compromise their opinions.

In the past, there have been speculations, including on TV Shows Ace, that Kody’s anger could be linked to his use of testosterone. Some fans on Reddit also shared this theory, noting that Kody’s anger seemed to worsen over time, possibly as a side effect of testosterone use.

The display of rage and anger by Kody on the show has alarmed fans, leaving them concerned about how he behaves off-camera. Overall, fans remain unsure about the root cause of Kody’s anger and hope that he will find a way to resolve his issues and find peace.

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