The ongoing conflict between Matt Roloff and his son Zach, along with daughter-in-law Tori, on the reality show “Little People, Big World” has captured the attention of fans. The feud began during the negotiations for the Roloff Farms, where tensions ran high due to pricing disagreements. However, it has been a while since fans received an update on the status of their strained relationship. Let’s delve into the latest details to see if Tori and Zach have moved on or if the grudge still persists.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Connor Chandler, the son of Caryn Chandler, shed some light on the Roloff family dynamics. He revealed that Zach and Tori are planning to leave “Little People, Big World.” Additionally, he discussed Tori’s alleged petty behavior, narrating an incident where Matt requested family members to sign a t-shirt for an auction benefiting Little People. Disappointingly, Tori reportedly refused to participate, leaving Matt feeling deeply hurt and disrespected.

According to Connor, it appears that Tori is holding onto the grudge more strongly than Zach. While Matt and Zach’s communication has become less frequent, they still maintain a strong relationship. Matt continues to extend invitations to family events, but tension remains. Connor believes that the feud originated from the farm negotiations, igniting a significant fire within the family that has yet to be extinguished.

Fans express sadness over the rocky state of affairs within the Roloff family and hope that they can find a resolution to their conflict. While the current status of their relationships remains unclear, it is a reminder that even close-knit families can face challenges that take time to resolve.

While information on the current dynamics of the Roloff family feud is limited, it is evident that tensions persist between Tori and Matt. Fans eagerly anticipate updates on whether reconciliation is possible and if the family can move forward. For the latest and most accurate information, it is recommended to follow reliable news sources and the official social media accounts of the Roloff family members.

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