Olivia Plath expresses her concerns about Ethan heading back home in the Season 5 premiere of Welcome to Plathville. TLC has released trailers that hint at the struggles between Ethan and Olivia, indicating that there will be challenges in their relationship throughout the season.

In the premiere, Ethan prepares to return to his hometown of Cairo, Georgia, where his family still resides. He plans to spend two and a half months working on his cars, which is his passion. However, this means leaving Olivia behind. In an exclusive preview shared by TLC, Olivia admits feeling torn about the situation. While she understands the importance of Ethan working on his cars, she also feels nervous and anxious about living apart from her spouse for an extended period, especially considering the family drama they have experienced.

Olivia and Ethan’s relationship has been fraught with conflict, as previous seasons of the show have documented. Before Ethan leaves, Olivia asks if he will still communicate with her while he is in Cairo. He promises to call her daily, acknowledging that in the past, he hasn’t been great at staying in touch during his time there due to his focus on his cars and family. However, he recognizes the importance of maintaining regular contact and assures her that he won’t disappear, as that is her worst fear.

The new season premieres amidst rumors of Ethan and Olivia’s divorce, sparking curiosity among fans about the state of their relationship by the end of the season.

As for Olivia’s fears, it remains to be seen how their relationship will fare throughout the season. The challenges they face and the extent of their ability to navigate them will determine the outcome. Viewers will have to tune in to Welcome to Plathville Season 5 to find out.

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