Vannessa Cross, star of “1000-Lb Best Friends,” is impressing her fans with her dedication and progress in her health and fitness journey. She is known for her serious approach to nutrition and exercise, and recently surprised her followers with a gym video shared on her social media platforms.

Vannessa’s commitment to her goals and living a healthier lifestyle is evident to her fans, who can see the positive results of her hard work. In Season 2 of the show, Vannessa was disappointed to learn that she wasn’t ready for skin removal surgery despite her significant weight loss. Her medical team advised her to continue losing weight to prevent her skin from stretching back out.

However, Vannessa’s Instagram posts indicate that she is getting closer to achieving her goal. In one video, she can be seen wearing a neon green workout tank and matching shoes as she hits the gym after a busy day. While she playfully makes silly faces at the camera, it is evident that she is putting in serious effort.

Fans are quick to praise her progress and express their support in the comments, commending her for looking great and, more importantly, feeling better and more confident. They believe she will reach her goal weight for the skin removal procedure in no time.

If “1000-Lb Best Friends” returns for Season 3, it appears that Vannessa’s skin removal surgery will be just a matter of time. Fans are excited about her phenomenal progress and are eager to see more.

In addition to her own weight loss journey, Vannessa also takes the time to encourage others who are on a similar path. She recently showed support for her fellow TLC star Tammy Slaton in the comments section of one of Tammy’s weight loss progress photos. Vannessa praised Tammy for her amazing transformation since undergoing bariatric surgery and expressed her pride in her accomplishments.

Overall, Vannessa Cross’s weight loss endeavors have garnered admiration from her fans, who appreciate her hard work, dedication, and willingness to inspire and uplift others.

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