Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman, the sisters from TLC’s “1000-Lb. Sisters,” have taken different paths on their weight loss journeys. While Amy achieved significant weight loss after undergoing surgery and starting a family, Tammy struggled to find a consistent weight loss partner. However, after facing several near-death experiences, Tammy decided to make a change.

Tammy went to rehab and worked hard to lose weight. Surprising many TLC fans, she managed to lose over 300 pounds. This dramatic transformation revealed her height, as viewers had mostly seen her sitting down for years.

Tragedy struck Tammy and her family in July when her husband, Caleb Willingham, passed away. Concerns arose among fans about whether this would cause Tammy to fall off the wagon and regain weight. However, loved ones close to Tammy report that she remains committed to her weight loss journey and is not letting the tragedy derail her progress. She continues to stick to her diet and maintain the momentum she has built.

Meanwhile, Amy is going through a difficult time as she undergoes a divorce from her husband, Michael. Photos suggest that Amy has not continued to lose weight at the same pace as her sister. Fans worry that her personal situation may have affected her commitment to her diet and weight loss progress.

According to a report from The Sun, Tammy’s dedication to her weight loss journey has put her on track to surpass Amy in terms of weight loss. The source claims that Tammy is determined to stick to her diet and achieve her goals, while Amy may be facing challenges in maintaining her progress.

It’s important to note that the information provided is based on reports and sources, and the most accurate and up-to-date information about the sisters’ weight loss journeys can be found through reliable news sources or the show itself.

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