Zach Roloff, known for his appearance on TLC’s “Little People, Big World,” recently demonstrated the lengths he would go to in order to protect his children. This action by Zach has led his wife, Tori, to preemptively warn fans not to criticize their decision. So, what exactly happened? What could be so controversial that the couple expects a wave of negative feedback? Let’s delve into the details.

In 2021, Tori took to her social media to vent about their neighbors when they still resided in town. Around the same time, there were rumors circulating that they might try to purchase Amy’s portion of the farm from the show’s patriarch, Matt. Unfortunately, the ideal scenario of the entire family living on the farm did not materialize. Tori, Zach, and their children now reside in Washington, and Tori’s previous rant has resurfaced to haunt her.

Similar to his brother Jeremy Roloff, Zach moved to a piece of land that requires development and improvements. However, this land poses certain dangers, including snakes that their son Jackson happens to have an affinity for. Given their family’s history with critters, it’s understandable that they are taking precautions. Currently, Zach is on a mission to eliminate bees, which he and his wife view as pests.

In 2022, Tori informed her fans that Jackson had been stung by a bee while they were at the beach, right on his bottom lip. TLC fans sympathized with the little boy and offered various advice for treatment. Tori’s previous concerns about the neighbors’ bees became evident, as she feared they might sting her children. While many people can relate to this fear, it’s worth noting that most honey bees are generally docile, except for invasive African bees.

Washington State is home to numerous bee species, including ground-nesting ones like the Horned bee, which is commonly seen foraging among flowers in June and July. Although Tori didn’t specify the bee species in her Instagram story, she mentioned that they nest “in the ground.”

Zach Roloff’s response to his children getting stung by bees was to purchase a “bee hazmat suit” to eliminate them. Tori shared this information with laughing emojis, but fans of “Little People, Big World” may not find it amusing. Many people are concerned about bees and their fragile existence in the modern world. Understanding this, Tori preemptively defended their decision by stating, “Before y’all come at me… we have an issue with bees making hives in the ground where our kids play, so they gots to go!”

It appears that Tori isn’t particularly fond of bees herself, as she admitted in her post, “…I’m not a bee lover.”

What are your thoughts on Zach’s actions? Do you believe he went too far with his protective measures and bee-free intentions? Did he relocate the bees or eliminate them? Will Tori face significant criticism for their decision? 

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