While fans of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” have been curious about Whitney Way Thore’s relationship status, the recent sighting of her wearing wedding rings does not indicate that she is secretly married. Whitney has had various relationships on the show, including with Buddy Bell and Lennie Alehat. She was also engaged to Chase Severino before their relationship ended due to his infidelity and fathering a child with another woman.

In a past Q&A session, Whitney expressed frustration when a fan asked about her relationship with her anonymous French tutor. She stated that not everything is for public consumption and that if she were to get married, she would let her fans know. However, in a recent Facebook reel, Whitney was seen wearing two rings, which she revealed to be her late mother’s rings. She finds comfort in wearing these rings as they serve as a material connection to her mother and the memories associated with them.

Wearing her mother’s rings is a personal choice for Whitney and provides her with a sense of connection to her mother. Fans may appreciate that she finds comfort in this way, as it helps her feel close to her mother, who has passed away.

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