Kody Brown’s recent controversial statement on Sister Wives has deeply upset Meri Brown to the point where she felt disgusted. In a sneak peek for an upcoming episode, Kody was discussing the advantages of being in a polygamous marriage with his friends. However, one particular remark made by Kody did not sit well with Meri.

During a gathering referred to as “Testosterone Tuesday,” where Kody could have a break from his wives and spend time with his male friends, he spoke about the benefits of having multiple wives. Kody mentioned that one significant advantage is that it “dilutes personalities.” Essentially, he claimed that during a fight, it is easier for him to run away from a wife and seek solace with another wife.

For Kody, this ability to switch between wives provides a temporary escape from a difficult situation. He argued that this arrangement benefits both parties, as they can take breaks from each other when needed. However, Meri found this comment insulting and expressed her strong disapproval. She believed that Kody should focus on finding ways to work together rather than simply trying to “escape” from problems.

It is important to note that Christine Brown left Kody in the previous season of Sister Wives, and this season both Janelle and Meri are also leaving. Meri appears to be content with her decision to leave, as she no longer wants to live in a restrictive environment created by Kody. Previews for the upcoming episode suggest that Meri always felt like the “third wheel” in the marriage. While Meri’s catfishing incident played a role in straining her relationship with Kody, there are speculations that their marriage ultimately ended due to Kody’s lack of support for Leon Brown’s transition, further exacerbating their relationship issues.

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