Trent Johnston, known for his role on TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons, is embracing his wild side during a recent getaway. The father of five took some time off and is truly enjoying himself. Fans are eagerly taking in his new photos, curious about his destination and their reactions to his adventurous side. Keep reading to discover more about his trip and see his exciting pictures.

As a busy dad, Trent knows how to have a good time, as demonstrated on 7 Little Johnstons. However, he recently had the chance to escape and unwind. It seems that the hardworking dad is finally getting some much-needed rest and relaxation while bonding with his closest friends.

Fans have been curious about Trent’s work situation, questioning whether he is still working as a car salesman. Whether he took time off from work or is in-between jobs, fans are delighted to see him enjoying himself to the fullest.

On Saturday, Trent took to Instagram to share an update with his fans. While his wife, Amber Johnston, tends to be more active on social media, Trent decided to give fans a glimpse of his current activities. He is currently in Orange Beach, Alabama, accompanied by a few friends. They are soaking up the sun, going fishing, and relaxing on the beach. In the photos he shared, it is evident that Trent is fully embracing his wild side, appearing shirtless and proudly displaying the tattoo on his bicep.

Based on the photos, it seems that Trent’s family did not join him on this trip. Emma and Alex recently returned to school, so it may not have been the right time for a family vacation.

Below, you can see the pictures of shirtless Trent Johnston flaunting his adventurous side on his recent trip. The father of five captioned it, “Good times with lifelong friends this week. Lots of catching up and sharing memories.” He also reminded his followers to spend quality time with their friends.

Upon seeing Trent’s new post, TLC fans flooded the comments section with positive words. It is clear that everyone is thrilled to see Trent doing well and enjoying himself. Some even expressed their envy at his beach days. Here are a few remarks from his followers:

“Sheesh, the arm tattoo looks amazing in the last pic, Mr. Johnston👌🏾”
“Wow, it looks very nice! 😃”
“Welcome to Alabama!”
“That looks so peaceful and relaxing.”

While a new season of the show has not been confirmed, the family has teased that filming is happening behind the scenes.

So, what are your thoughts on Trent Johnston’s new pictures as he proudly embraces his adventurous side?

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