90 Day Fiance personality Liz Woods is wholeheartedly engaging in the therapy sessions on The Last Resort. She’s chosen not to conceal any aspects of her feelings from the experts, providing genuine insights into her emotions on the show. It’s unmistakable that Liz has an extensive list of concerns regarding her relationship with Big Ed. In the midst of these issues, it has become evident that Liz is growing increasingly frustrated with their intimate life. In a recent episode, she made some startling revelations about their relationship in the bedroom, going as far as to suggest that she might consider ending her relationship with Ed due to his shortcomings. What exactly did Liz reveal on the show

90 Day Fiance: Liz Claims She Wants To Leave Ed Due To Intimacy Issues

The relationship between 90 Day Fiance stars Liz Woods and Big Ed has always been marked by instability. Their 11 previous breakups served as clear indicators that they harbored doubts about their future together. Despite this tumultuous history, the couple ultimately decided to give their bond one final chance by signing up for The Last Resort show.

On this show, they are earnestly attempting to salvage their relationship with the guidance of a panel of expert therapists who conduct regular sessions. During one of these sessions, Liz chose to candidly discuss the decline in their intimate life. She openly revealed some surprising details and made it abundantly clear that she was unwilling to remain in the relationship unless these issues were addressed promptly.

Liz made a shocking revelation about her intimate experiences with Ed, highlighting that he often ran out of breath quickly and was not in good physical shape. She candidly expressed her dissatisfaction with having to wait for him to recover within just five minutes to complete the act. Consequently, Liz has opted to prioritize her own satisfaction instead of waiting for her fiancé to catch up.

Furthermore, Liz openly admitted that their intimate life was far from fulfilling and that she found it unsatisfactory. She confessed that the thought of any form of intimacy with Ed was currently unappealing to her. As a result, the 90 Day Fiance star emphasized the urgency for her fiancé to address this issue, warning that their relationship could be in jeopardy if improvements were not made.

90 Day Fiance: Big Tries To Defend Himself While Liz Furiously Shuts Him Down

Big Ed, a star from 90 Day Fiance, was visibly uncomfortable when Liz Woods openly discussed their intimate life in front of others. He felt embarrassed and struggled to find words to respond. However, he attempted to defend himself by revealing that he had recently undergone surgery and was in the process of recovering and getting back into shape.

Liz, on the other hand, remained unconvinced by his explanation. She pointed out that the surgery had taken place quite some time ago, and several months had passed since then. Despite Ed’s efforts to explain, Liz believed that he was making excuses, and she continued to express her concerns, leading to what Ed described as Liz “throwing missiles” at him in the conversation.

Ed believed that Liz was intentionally attempting to publicly embarrass him. However, Liz had no intention of tolerating any accusations. She firmly asserted that her comments in the therapy session were nothing but an honest expression of her feelings.

When Ed attempted to escalate the situation by accusing her of various things, Liz forcefully silenced him. Seeing that Liz was unwavering in her stance, Ed ultimately chose to acknowledge his mistakes and offered a heartfelt apology. Fans appreciated Liz’s determination and her willingness to stand up for herself in the situation.

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