Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, former wives of Kody Brown from the reality TV show “Sister Wives,” are currently basking in the popularity among fans. They have been flaunting their impressive weight loss journeys, but it was Christine’s daring choice of a skimpy mini dress that caught the eye of followers over the weekend. Meanwhile, Janelle received praise for her stylish appearance as well.

Both Christine and Janelle have taken charge of their health and embarked on fitness journeys. They even promote their own supplements alongside workout routines. Interestingly, even Meri, whom Kody distanced himself from, has also been working out. The three women have shed pounds and transformed their bodies, garnering admiration even from critics of the TLC show.

Embracing her newfound confidence and slimmer figure, Christine Brown has been confidently wearing shorter dresses and pants, which may not meet Kody’s approval. Last year, she turned heads when she showcased her legs in the shortest shorts fans had ever seen her wear. However, she has now taken her fashion choices a step further, opting for shorter dresses and skirts that highlight her thinner legs. Christine’s transformation enables her to exude style and flair.

In a video shared on the Secret to Self Care Instagram account, which focused on “Gut Health” and the women’s supplement line, viewers caught a glimpse of Janelle, Mykelti Padron, and her mother. Janelle was seen wearing a vibrant pink dress, which resonated well with Sister Wives fans. The consensus among viewers was that both Janelle and Christine looked absolutely amazing. One enthusiastic fan exclaimed, “Janelle in that hot pink! 🤩🔥”

Fans of the TLC show couldn’t help but admire Christine’s figure in her stunning mini dress. Her noticeable weight loss has beautifully complemented her tall frame, and she fearlessly showcases her legs, presenting a stark contrast to her appearance during her time with Kody. The positive reception from Sister Wives fans reflects their appreciation for the bold fashion choices made by both Christine and Janelle, as well as their overall transformations. Numerous comments praised the women for looking healthier, happier, and more beautiful since parting ways with Kody. One supportive fan expressed, “Both of you look so much better, healthier & pretty & happy since you got away from Cody! (sic) Stay happy ❤️.”

Inspired by their journeys, another fan admitted, “Y’all look so beautiful, skin is glowing.🔥🔥🔥🔥 I need to start…”

It’s clear that fans are thoroughly impressed with the incredible transformations of Christine and Janelle, as they continue to embrace their newfound health and confidence.

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