Sister Wives star Christine Brown’s fiancé, David Woolley, appears to be quite different from her ex-husband in several ways. Although David hasn’t appeared on the show yet, Christine’s followers have already noticed that he is gentle and caring towards her. But one aspect that sets him apart is his “nerdy” nature, as described by Christine herself.

Christine recently shared with her Instagram followers that David is incredibly fascinated by outer space, particularly the International Space Station. She playfully joked about his habit of setting alarms on his phone to track when the space station is passing by in the sky. Whenever the alarm goes off, they both drop everything and rush outside to catch a glimpse of the satellite. In one of her posts, David can be seen sipping from a Star Wars mug, showcasing his deep interest in space-related topics.

Christine affectionately refers to David as a “nerd” due to his enthusiasm for subjects like the International Space Station. However, she and her fans find his passion intriguing and exciting, as they share a fascination with the wonders of space.

Fans are eagerly anticipating David’s onscreen debut and are curious to see how he will contribute to the show and Christine’s life. While Christine mentioned that their wedding is approximately six weeks away, she hasn’t specified the exact date. Speculation has arisen, with potential dates being mid-October, such as October 14, 21, or 28, considering that most weddings typically take place on Saturdays.

Rumors have also circulated that Christine and David may already be secretly married, as photos surfaced showing Christine wearing what appears to be a wedding band alongside her engagement ring. The Brown family has previously surprised fans with secret weddings, as Leon Brown and Audrey Kriss revealed that they had been quietly married for over a year.

Fans are excited to learn more about Christine’s upcoming wedding and are curious to see if David Woolley truly embodies the “nerdy” qualities that Christine playfully attributes to him.

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