“Welcome to Plathville” fans are taking sides and rallying behind Olivia Plath while criticizing her mother-in-law, Kim. The Season 5 premiere of the show has sparked controversy as viewers express their disappointment with Kim’s behavior. The family drama is prompting fans to choose sides and support Olivia while condemning Kim.

The latest season of “Welcome to Plathville” wastes no time in delivering drama. In the premiere episode, the Plath family continues to discuss the accusations made by Olivia against Kim, her mother-in-law. Olivia had previously claimed that Kim used Ethan Plath’s credit card without reimbursing him. She also mentioned changing Ethan’s password to prevent further unauthorized use, which allegedly angered her mother-in-law.

Following Olivia’s public statements, Moriah, Micah, Lydia, and Isaac, Olivia’s siblings-in-law, issued a joint statement contradicting her claims. They stated that the situation was a business agreement between Kim and Ethan. As a result, viewers are left unsure about whom to believe, and opinions are divided across the internet.

Fans of the show quickly came to Olivia Plath’s defense while criticizing Kim. After the Season 5 premiere aired on TLC, Olivia shared a photo of herself with two close friends on social media. In her caption, she expressed her appreciation for the people she wants to keep in her life.

The post garnered an outpouring of support from fans. While the post was unrelated to the show, it provided an opportunity for fans to show their solidarity with Olivia. One fan pointed out how Moriah and Micah seemed to have forgotten the support Olivia had provided them, stating, “Micah and Moriah have conveniently forgotten how much you did for them.” Another fan echoed the sentiment, saying, “I hated how you were thrown under the bus by Moriah and Micah. You are such a positive person, and you are only telling your truth.”

Several fans expressed their belief that Olivia was in the right, calling Kim manipulative. One comment read, “I’m team Olivia, Kim seems like a very manipulative person.” Another fan praised Olivia’s maturity, saying, “Watching the new season, I see you as your beautiful self. You have always been the wisest one, an adult. It’s difficult to listen to those little Plath kids saying crap about you.”

The credit card situation discussed in the first episode has divided viewers, with conflicting opinions about the truth. Fans of the show are taking sides, either supporting Kim or standing by Olivia. The incident has sparked intense discussions among viewers.

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