In the recent episode of “Sister Wives,” Robyn Brown made a statement during a confessional that shocked fans and garnered strong reactions. Towards the end of the episode, Mykelti, Truely, Ysabel, and Avalon visited Robyn and Kody. Robyn and Christine discussed Mykelti being the bridge between the family and her neutrality in not choosing sides. The episode showed Robyn and Kody doting on Avalon and expressing their affection for her.

Later, Kody decided to have a second Christmas for his girls and granddaughter, and everyone spent the night. The following morning, they woke up to presents under the tree. However, it was during a confessional that Robyn’s comment triggered a strong reaction from fans. She admitted that she didn’t like the idea of Ysabel, Mykelti, Avalon, and Truely opening presents while her children just watched. Robyn saved a few presents to ensure her children could be part of the experience.

Fans expressed their anger and disappointment on Reddit, feeling that Robyn’s comment implied she didn’t want Kody’s other children to feel special. They pointed out that the Christmas tree was already loaded with gifts and that the additional presents were unnecessary. Some fans also took issue with Robyn’s constant use of “my kids” when referring to her children, while at the same time expressing frustration that Janelle’s children wanted nothing to do with her.

The original poster of the Reddit thread questioned the reasoning behind Robyn’s decision, suggesting that she didn’t want children who were not her own to have something special or that she anticipated her children throwing a tantrum if they didn’t receive presents. Another fan commented that children need to learn that not every moment is about them and criticized Robyn for not considering the other kids’ feelings. A third fan mentioned the inconsistency of Robyn expecting recognition as a mother equal to the biological mothers but referring to the children she shares with Kody as “my kids” while disregarding the other 18 children.

Overall, fans found Robyn Brown’s idea for the second Christmas to be selfish and gross, and they were disappointed with her comment about not wanting Kody’s other children to feel special.

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