Tammy Slaton, star of 1000-Lb. Sisters, has reached a significant milestone in her weight loss journey—she is officially half her size. This is an incredible achievement for the reality star, who faced numerous challenges along the way. Despite moments of doubt during her rehab, Tammy persevered and successfully surpassed her goal of weighing below 550 pounds, which allowed her to undergo weight loss surgery. Since then, her life has transformed for the better. She found love, got married, and continued shedding pounds after leaving the rehab facility.

Tammy’s physical transformation has been accompanied by other changes. She decided to dye her hair a fiery red color that matches her vibrant personality and accentuates her curls. It seems like she is embracing life in a whole new way, experiencing things for the first time. The ability to walk into her bariatric surgeon’s office was a significant milestone, demonstrating her progress and mobility.

Unfortunately, Tammy also experienced the loss of her husband during her transformative journey, which raised concerns among fans that she might regress. However, the opposite has happened. Instead of backsliding, Tammy’s heart has softened, and she has continued on her positive path of self-improvement.

According to an insider, Tammy recently went to a rehab center where she was weighed. To her surprise, she had lost even more weight than she had initially thought. She now weighs 334 pounds, a significant achievement considering her previous weight of over 700 pounds. In celebration of this milestone, Tammy shared several photos on her Instagram, proudly displaying her slimmer physique. With her trach and oxygen no longer necessary, her face is fully visible, and she looks beautiful.

Tammy has always had a supportive fan base, cheering her on throughout her journey. Now that she has achieved such remarkable weight loss and is on a positive path, her followers are even more proud of her. They express their admiration and support in various comments and messages, commending her strength, courage, and inspiring journey.

Tammy Slaton’s progress serves as an inspiration to others, showing that with determination and perseverance, it is possible to overcome challenges and make positive changes in one’s life. Her fans continue to rally behind her, supporting her every step of the way.

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