Deon and Karen Derrico, known for their reality show “Doubling Down With the Derricos,” have been blessed with a large family. Currently, they have 14 children, and there is no news of Karen being pregnant with baby number 15.

In a recent interview with Shadow and Act, the couple shared that they are leaving the size of their family in God’s hands. Karen expressed her love for being pregnant and the joy of carrying their babies as a vessel of God’s gift. She questioned the idea of putting an end date on something they are passionate about and love so much.

With 14 children, Deon and Karen have their hands full, but their love for children may lead them to expand their family further in the future. Viewers of their TLC show have witnessed their journey, including a heartbreaking miscarriage, which hints at their desire to continue growing their family.

The Derrico children range in age from 17 years old to three years old, with most of them being multiples. Here’s a quick rundown of their names and ages:

  • Darian, 17 (singleton)
  • Derrick, 12 (singleton)
  • Dallas and Denver, 11 (twins)
  • Deonee, Daician, Daiten, Deniko, and Dariz, 9 (quintuplets)
  • Diez and Dior, 5 (triplets; they had another triplet named Carter, who passed away as an infant)
  • Dawsyn, Deā€™Aren, and Dyver, 3 (triplets)

Fans of “Doubling Down With the Derricos” can look forward to Season 4, where they will have the opportunity to witness the children’s growth and the exciting moments the season holds.

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