There are doubts and suspicions among some fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life regarding Whitney Way Thore’s involvement with her extended family, particularly her half-sister Angie Vincent Burdette and her niece Jaime Daughdrill. Critics have raised concerns about potential exploitation and whether the family members will continue to be involved once the TLC show comes to an end.

Some viewers have criticized Whitney in the past, feeling that she exploited her mother, Babs, by featuring her in a sickly state and televising her funeral. These critics believe that Whitney is constantly looking for new storylines to maintain the show’s success and make money.

Now, with the introduction of Angie and her family, fans have noticed that Angie herself and her father, Glenn, are not as active on social media or promoting the “one big happy family” narrative. Instead, it seems to be Jaime, Whitney’s niece, who is more enthusiastic about the newfound fame and sharing family moments online.

On Reddit, some users expressed their concerns about Whitney’s intentions, suggesting that she doesn’t genuinely care about her new family and is only using them to save her show. They speculate that TLC might focus on Jaime as the face of the family, and they question whether Jaime’s family will distance themselves from the Greensborough clan once the show concludes.

The Reddit discussions also raised doubts about the authenticity of Whitney’s posts with her extended family, with some users suggesting that she is merely trying to integrate herself into an already established group for the sake of the show.

There are concerns that once the show ends, the exploited nature of the relationships will become apparent, and people wonder if Whitney’s “friends and family” on the show’s payroll will stick around.

Overall, some fans suspect that there may be exploitation happening within Whitney Way Thore’s extended family to keep the show going and maintain fame and financial benefits. However, these are speculations and opinions expressed by viewers, and the true dynamics and intentions of the individuals involved can only be known by them.

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