Whitney Way Thore recently shared the complete history of her half-sister, Angie, on the Season 11 premiere of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” In a surprising revelation to her friends, Whitney disclosed that her father had another child from his time in Vietnam. The truth about her half-sister came to light when her mother had a stroke, leading Whitney to uncover this hidden family connection. However, there have been conflicting accounts regarding how she discovered her father’s daughter and the true backstory.

In a clip from the show, Whitney gathers her father, her brother Hunter, and her friend Buddy to delve into the entire history of Angie’s origins. Armed with a notebook, Whitney recounts the story of how Glenn, her father, met Angie’s mother. Before being deployed to Japan in 1968, Glenn was stationed in Pensacola, where he met a woman named Jackie. They entered into a relationship, but shortly after, Glenn received orders for overseas duty. Jackie revealed that she was pregnant, but due to societal constraints at the time, she couldn’t be an unwed single mother. Consequently, she was sent to a girls’ home, and Angie was put up for adoption. Glenn returned from Japan, eventually married Babs in 1977, and Jackie was not heard from again until Aunt Kim, Glenn’s sister, received a message on Ancestry from someone named Cody, who believed they were related. This revelation led to the realization that Glenn is Angie’s biological father.

Whitney assumes the role of the family historian, sharing these details with her father, brother, and friend. While Hunter finds her storytelling akin to a true crime podcast, some fans expressed their disapproval of the way she handled the situation. Criticisms included accusations that she used her mother’s passing for financial gain and that she should have allowed her father to tell his own story rather than taking over the narrative.

The clip sparked a negative response from some viewers who felt that Whitney was being too assertive and should have allowed Glenn to share his own experiences. There were concerns about her perceived bossiness and a belief that she should have given her father the opportunity to tell his story independently.

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