Christine Brown, a cast member of TLC’s Sister Wives, recently threw shade at her ex-husband Kody Brown on Instagram, which garnered mixed reactions from fans. Some fans applauded her sassy comment, while others felt that it indicated she still had lingering feelings for Kody despite moving on with a new man.

During the current season of Sister Wives, viewers observed Christine’s apparent joy and enthusiasm while Kody mourned the end of their relationship. This led some fans to view Christine’s behavior as unkind, particularly when she offered to attend therapy with Kody to his face but expressed in confessional that it would never happen.

Fans also found it cringeworthy when Christine encouraged discussions about Kody with their son Paedon, as it seemed to support Kody’s concerns about her potentially turning their children against him.

Gwendlyn Brown, one of Christine and Kody’s children, indirectly confirmed her father’s fears in a recent YouTube video by suggesting that her mother was not faultless or innocent in their relationship. However, she didn’t delve into specifics about Christine’s shortcomings at that time.

On Instagram, Christine shared a photo of herself with her new husband, David, expressing her happiness about their marriage. She took the opportunity to compare her relationship with David to her previous one with Kody and threw shade at Kody by mentioning “special requirements” before marriage. While some fans enjoyed seeing Christine be sassy toward Kody, others speculated that her continued comparisons and mentions of Kody indicated that she still had feelings for him and hadn’t fully moved on.

Fans had varying reactions to Christine’s post in the comments. Some loved the shade she threw, while others urged her to let go of Kody and stop comparing him to David. Some fans even questioned why she continued to be on the show since she was no longer a sister wife and had moved on with her own future.

Overall, the post sparked mixed feelings among Sister Wives fans, with some enjoying the sassy comment and others questioning Christine’s motivations and continued involvement with the show.

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