Fans of TLC’s Sister Wives were appalled after noticing a particular item in Robyn Brown’s home during the latest episode of the series. What exactly is this item that has stirred up such strong reactions? Read on to find out.

In the recent episode of Sister Wives, viewers had a rare glimpse inside Robyn Brown’s house. As fans are aware, filming within the family’s homes is not a common occurrence, which has always sparked curiosity about what truly transpires behind the closed doors of Robyn and Kody’s residence. This specific episode marked the first Christmas for the family since Christine’s departure. At the time, Kody had not yet lost his other wives, but tensions were rising between him and Janelle.

While inside Robyn Brown’s house, several Sister Wives fans noticed something on the countertop in the background that caught their attention. It was her “other house” in the form of a gingerbread house. Fans were surprised by the size of the gingerbread house, prompting one fan to do some internet sleuthing to determine where Robyn acquired it and how much it might have cost.

In a Reddit thread, a fan shared a screenshot of an Amazon listing featuring the exact same gingerbread house seen in Robyn’s home. The listing revealed that it could be purchased on Amazon for $420. Fans were instantly disgusted, expressing their disgust not only with the price but also with the size of the gingerbread house.

Many fans pointed out that the gingerbread house appeared to be larger than Janelle Brown’s apartment. Others expressed their anger that Kody and Robyn would spend hundreds of dollars on a gingerbread house while Janelle was struggling with her own financial situation.

In defense of Robyn, one fan mentioned that the prices on Amazon might be inflated and that the gingerbread house could be purchased elsewhere for just over $100. However, some fans still argued that spending a significant amount of money on a seasonal decoration seemed excessive.

Fans took to expressing their frustrations with comments such as:

“There is more house in that gingerbread house than Janelle has.”
“Money does not buy class.”
“She saved her grocery money to get it.”
“I still feel like that’s a lot of money for something you are essentially paying to keep in storage for 11 months. But I suppose you could say that about a lot of holiday decor.”
“I am f*cking loving this sub’s dedication to finding out how much the gaudy shit she owns costs.”

Unfortunately for Robyn Brown, her gingerbread decor did not receive any positive responses from fans.

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