“Shekinah Garner, a beloved figure from ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way,’ has captured the hearts of viewers with her undeniable chemistry with her Turkish partner, Sarper Guven. Her genuine and lively personality has kept fans engrossed in their unfolding story. In their debut appearance on the hit reality show in the August 28 episode, Shekinah bravely opened up about her past financial struggles. It has come to light that the Los Angeles-based aesthetician had filed for bankruptcy years prior to stepping into the world of reality TV. Dive deeper into the details of her financial journey ahead!

90 Day Fiance: Everything About Shekinah Garner’s Bankruptcy!

Shekinah Garner, the recent addition to the roster of beloved ’90 Day Fiance’ stars, made headlines for a financial setback in her past. In a move that caught many by surprise, she filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July 2007. The official documents shed light on her voluntary decision to pursue this financial avenue, and she did so as a single debtor. On July 20, 2007, in Santa Barbara, California, this professional aesthetician submitted the necessary paperwork, marking a significant chapter in her financial history.

According to the filed documents, Shekinah Garner pursued bankruptcy as an individual, with David Farmer serving as her designated trustee. Interestingly, her case reached a resolution on October 29 of the same year. These revelations concerning her past financial challenges came to light following her debut on reality TV, where the ’90 Day Fiance’ star introduced viewers to her captivating lifestyle.

As an accomplished aesthetician and cohost, Shekinah Garner brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a remarkable career spanning over twenty-three years in the field of aesthetics, she made the bold move to open her skincare studio during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Notably, Shekinah also extends her expertise by offering online courses in Dermaplaning and oilplaning.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Shekinah discussed her role as a co-host, where her task was to curate gatherings attended by attractive individuals for prominent events, parties, or premieres. Beyond providing insight into her career, she warmly introduced fans to her personal life, including her fifteen-year-old daughter, Sophie, whom she shares with her ex-partner, Berto Matta.

90 Day Fiance: Shekinah’s Ex-Berto Matta Has A History Of Criminal & Financial Issues!

Shekinah, a familiar face from ’90 Day Fiance,’ embarked on a relationship with Berto when she was twenty-three years old, and their romance endured for four years. Their paths diverged shortly after the birth of their daughter, Sophie. Despite parting ways romantically, they’ve remained dedicated to co-parenting their child. Shekinah candidly shared that Berto, due to his commitment to managing a hotel in Costa Rica for nine years, had regrettably missed several of their daughter’s significant milestones.

Recent reports have shed light on Berto’s past, revealing a history marked by both criminal and financial troubles. According to legal documents, a total of seven judgment liens and state tax liens in California have been filed against him since 2004. Furthermore, Berto has accumulated a staggering 55 criminal filings, with the majority stemming from vehicular incidents.

Shekinah’s ex made an appearance in the September 4 episode, where they met to discuss the logistics of maintaining their bond with their daughter after her relocation to Istanbul. During their conversation, she passionately expressed her desire to illustrate what a genuine relationship looks like to her daughter.

As a single mother, Shekinah reassured that she had a plan in place to return to the United States every five weeks during Sophie’s breaks. However, Berto appeared less than satisfied with the arrangement, openly expressing his concerns on camera, believing that Shekinah might be making a significant mistake. The unfolding developments in their dynamic will undoubtedly be unveiled as the show progresses.

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