Loren Brovarnik, a prominent figure from ’90 Day Fiancé,’ has recently undergone plastic surgery as part of her quest for a “natural mommy makeover.” She has been actively keeping her fans informed about her recovery process.

On Tuesday, September 12, the 35-year-old Loren shared a photo on Instagram, showcasing herself alongside her plastic surgeon, Dr. Dev Vibhakar, DO, FACS, in Miami, Florida. In her caption, the mother of three expressed her excitement that “the day has finally come” for her makeover journey to begin.

This update provides fans with a glimpse into Loren’s journey toward her desired transformation and offers a window into the world of plastic surgery and the candidness with which she is approaching it.

Loren went on to elaborate on her decision, explaining, “This is something I’ve wanted for a very long time and did a lot of research on, but it’s a little different. I was referred to @drdevvdo by a childhood friend because he specializes in doing it naturally.” Her emphasis on seeking a natural approach suggests her desire for a subtle and harmonious enhancement that aligns with her personal aesthetic goals.

The TLC star revealed that she has been dealing with a condition known as “abdominal diastasis,” a condition in which the abdominal muscles separate during and after pregnancy, a phenomenon also recognized by the Cleveland Clinic. She expressed that this condition had become uncomfortable for her, prompting her decision to undergo a tummy tuck procedure to bring her muscles back together.

In addition to the tummy tuck, Loren decided to pursue a breast augmentation. She acknowledged her longstanding desire to enhance her breasts and opted for a comprehensive approach, including a 360-degree liposuction and fat transfer to her breasts. Her choice to take a more natural approach reflects her commitment to achieving her aesthetic goals while maintaining a balanced and harmonious appearance. Loren concluded her explanation by expressing her enthusiasm for sharing this transformative journey with her fans, underscoring her openness and transparency throughout the process.

On the same day, Loren, known for her appearance on “Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days,” shared a video on her Instagram Stories, accompanied by her husband, Alexei Brovarnik, and her surgeon. The video was taken just before Loren headed into the operating room. Dr. Vibhakar expressed, “We’re off to work,” and Alexei chimed in with enthusiasm, saying, “Can’t wait.”

The following day, on September 13, Loren provided her followers with an update on her recovery through her Instagram Stories. She shared a selfie that revealed her upper body, covered in bandages and wrappings. Despite the post-surgery attire, the reality star wore a bright smile as she gave a thumbs-up to the camera.

In her caption, Loren expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming support and well-wishes she had received for a smooth recovery. She praised the work of @drdevvdo and @peaceloveplasticsurgery, describing their efforts as “truly AMAZING.” Loren’s openness about her journey and her appreciation for her followers culminated in an assurance that she would continue to share her transformative experience with them, keeping them engaged and informed throughout her recovery process.

Loren’s decision to undergo a “mommy makeover” is closely tied to her experiences as a mother. She and Alexei welcomed their first child, a son named Shai, in April 2020. Subsequently, they expanded their family with the arrival of another son, Asher, in August 2021, followed by the birth of their baby girl, Ariel Raya, in September 2022.

During her third pregnancy, Loren had already made up her mind that she would pursue plastic surgery after giving birth. In a January 2022 interview with Us Weekly, she candidly expressed her intentions, saying, “[I want to do] everything. We’re gonna tuck this in. We’re gonna get these out. We’re gonna tighten here. You know, nothing crazy. [But] if I’m under, I’m under, just do it.” Loren’s commitment to achieving her desired post-pregnancy aesthetic changes reflects her personal choices and priorities as a mother.

Loren, a reality TV personality, has been candid about sharing her postpartum journey online following her previous pregnancies. Despite the toll it took on her confidence, which she described as affecting her “a million percent,” Loren recognized the importance of sharing her experiences with other mothers.

She believed that her openness served a valuable purpose, as not every woman bounces back quickly after giving birth, and that’s perfectly okay. Loren aimed to demonstrate that the changes a woman’s body undergoes during pregnancy are natural and that healing and recovery take time. Her intention was to offer support and encouragement to other mothers, reassuring them that they are not alone in their journey and that self-acceptance is a vital part of the process.

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