Janelle Brown, a beloved star of Sister Wives, is thriving in her life outside the show. She has been actively sharing updates with fans about her outdoor adventures with friends. While Season 18 showcased a heated argument between her and Kody, it appears that the 54-year-old is no longer letting her ex affect her. Instead, she has been dedicating her energy to self-improvement, particularly focusing on her weight loss journey. Recently, the reality TV personality proudly showcased her remarkable progress. Continue reading to witness her impressive achievement.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Living Happily With Her Friends

Janelle has been demonstrating to her fans that she is now leading a happy life despite the fallout within the Brown family. Earlier this month, she enjoyed a delightful dinner at an upscale restaurant in the company of some friends. Although she didn’t explicitly mention who accompanied her, the bustling background noises hinted at a lively gathering. In the meantime, several fans took to the comment section of the Sister Wives star to express their belief that she truly deserves the happiness she is currently experiencing after parting ways with Kody.

“I am thrilled to see you embracing your independent life. I am rooting for you!” one person expressed.

“I am so glad to see you having a wonderful time! You deserve all the happiness and more!” added another commenter.

Janelle Shares Major Progress On Weight Loss Journey

Janelle Brown took to her Instagram Stories to share a transformative before-and-after photo, documenting her journey towards getting in shape. The Sister Wives star expressed her satisfaction with finding a product that contributed to her physical goals. However, numerous fans believe that her weight loss is primarily attributed to her commitment to a healthy diet and regular exercise. In January 2023, the mother of six revealed her incorporation of weightlifting into her workout routines. Additionally, some fans speculate that Christine, who underwent a remarkable weight loss transformation, served as an inspiration for Janelle to push herself even further.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Became A Health Coach

Janelle has been a tremendous source of motivation for many of her followers through her weight loss journey. Not only has she inspired others, but she has also utilized her own story to generate additional income. With her own health coaching website, she offers appointments to clients at a reasonable rate. Furthermore, she shares insightful blogs on her website, documenting her personal journey.

In terms of relationships, Janelle and Christine Brown have developed a stronger bond as they share similar goals regarding their bodies. Conversely, Meri has distanced herself from the two and has been living her life separately from the former polygamous family.

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