Amidst the challenges in her relationship with husband Kody Brown, is Sister Wives star Janelle Brown considering a move to Utah? The ongoing struggles between them in Season 18 have strained their connection. Now, Janelle is taking steps towards her own future, but what path will she choose? Continue reading to discover further details.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown Moving To Utah?

Following a heated argument between Kody and Janelle Brown, there has been a complete breakdown in communication. Remarkably, Kody didn’t even make an effort to speak to Savanah, his youngest daughter from his relationship with Janelle. What made it even more heartbreaking was that this occurred during the holiday season. Despite being aware that Janelle and Christine Brown were celebrating separately, Kody directed his anger towards their children. However, the kids surprisingly felt that everything was fine, whether or not he was present. With the growing distance between Janelle and Kody, she is beginning to believe that their relationship may be irreparable. What makes it particularly challenging for her is that, at the age of fifty, she feels like she has nothing of her own.

Despite feeling trapped, is Janelle Brown contemplating a move to Utah, where her former sister wife resides? In an exclusive clip from ET, Janelle ponders the idea of leaving Flagstaff for Utah while discussing it with Christine. Salt Lake City has crossed her mind, as she knows many people there. However, Christine reminds her that numerous acquaintances still live in Utah. In her personal interview, Janelle explains that she would need to obtain a release for her and Kody to separate officially, a process that would not be quick if she chooses that path.

While Utah offers a religious community that Janelle could be a part of, she is torn because she genuinely loves Flagstaff. Janelle then reveals that she has only spoken to Kody once since their fight, and he has not reached out to Savanah. Savanah informs her mother and Christine that she hasn’t communicated with her dad since her birthday. Christine is astounded, considering Savanah’s birthday was in early December.

Down The Road

When Christine Brown expressed her desire to leave Flagstaff, she mentioned that Kody rarely visited. Surprisingly, it’s now mid-January, and Kody lives just thirty minutes away. Christine finds it perplexing why Janelle Brown and Savanah are still staying in the area. From her perspective, all Kody has to do is pick up the phone and call his kids. On the other hand, Kody believes that Christine and Janelle have formed an alliance. He also claims that communication is a two-way street, suggesting that Savanah could initiate a call, but he will eventually reach out, albeit belatedly, with a Christmas greeting.

Should Janelle abandon her dream of staying in Flagstaff and seek a different location? Is Utah a feasible choice, or would it become complicated now that Christine is getting married? Share your thoughts in the comments and catch Sister Wives on TLC every Sunday.

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